When I got engaged, I was under the impression that registering was supposed to be fun, but it quickly became my least favorite part of engagement. Though I had my mom, aunts, grandmothers and shop girls all informing on what I would and wouldn’t need, I found myself overwhelmed, skeptical, and deferring to survival, just-get-this-done mode. I really wish I had listened to the sages! Here’s a list of 50-something things I have found to be essential in my first four months of married life.

Good luck, Sister. This too shall pass.

50 Things You Didn't Know You Need On Your Wedding Registry:


  1. Two Sets of Sheets: So that you can sleep on sheets while the others are being washed.
  2. Additional Pillows and Bedding for Guests: You may not have a guest room right now, but eventually you will. Get enough stuff so that if you have overnight guests they won’t be left to pile on throw blankets for warmth.
  3. Trash Can: You may not think that you’ll need one in there, but I think you will find that you do.
  4. Laundry Baskets/ Hampers: Even if you’re the only person who will use them, you will want these. It’s best to ask for the breathable baskets so that if the laundry piles up-- not that it ever would, SuperWife -- you won’t have clothes getting stinky or mildewed.
  5. Bathrobes: For lounging. Or when you think someone is breaking into your nest. You, at the very least, want to be covered when you investigate.


  1. Shower Curtains, Liners and Rings: Liners is plural because you’ll want more than one -- they get gross quickly. Rings are often forgotten. You will be super annoyed when you realize your shower curtain is useless without rings.
  2. Concealed Trash Can: That means a trash can with a lid that closes. You don’t go need to public with what’s in there.
  3. Towels You Can Bleach: Ask for more than you need. You’d be surprised how quickly you can burn through towels when living with a boy.
  4. Wash Rags and Hand Towels: Even if you don’t use them, you should set them out for your guests.
  5. A Floormat You Can Dry: And ideally bleach. These things get gross fast. If you get one with a rubber back it may melt in the dryer. Be warned!
  6. Soap Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder: Since you’re married now, it’s not cool to put your toothbrush in a coffee cup and leave it out for the world to see anymore. And refilling a dispenser with bulk soap means is more affordable than splurging at Bath and Body Works. Use that money for your clothing budget.  
  7. Clear Jars for Storage: Q-Tips, cotton balls, or mints -- clear jars filled with stuff makes you look like you’ve got it together.

Living Room

  1. Curtains, Rods and Rings: Because if you hang them right, it can make an entire room look decorated.
  2. Picture Frames: To decorate and hang all your wedding pictures up.
  3. Decorative Vases and Pots: Also for decorating. You’ll notice how many little pieces here and there it takes to make a house feel decorated.
  4. Book Ends and Books: To impress your guests by giving the illusion that you and bae read instead of watching Netflix. If you do, in fact, read, I salute you.
  5. Coasters: Because you will inevitably become anal about getting water rings on your furniture.
  6. Candles: Because you won’t buy them for yourself, but someone else would love to buy them for you.  
  7. Board Games: Because most newlyweds are poor, and going out is expensive, you’ll find you and bae opting to stay in more often than not.


  1. Plastic Cutting Board: The wood ones look so cute, but you will want to wash that bad boy after cutting chicken on it.
  2. Scrub Brushes for Dishes: And a good attitude. Can you register for that?
  3. Pyrex Glass Storage Containers: They have lids, they’re microwave friendly, and they are easy to wash.
  4. A Few Good Knives: You will find yourself only using a few knives over and over rather than using each one each day. Make sure you ask for quality over quantity.
  5. A Large Chopper: You can chop all your veggies and then use this to scoop them up and put them in the pan.
  6. Pyrex Cooking Dishes: The more sizes the better. You will use them.
  7. Multiple Cookie Sheets: Because Lord only knows how much you will try to cook all at once. For potatoes, fish, asparagus, and obviously cookies.
  8. Roasting Pan: Because you can’t cook a turkey on a cookie sheet. You just can’t. Think ahead to future holiday seasons.
  9. Vegetable Steamer: This is clutch as it is the quickest and healthiest way to create sides for your meal. Heck, put bagged frozen veggies on the steamer and you’ll be eating in less than 10 minutes.
  10. A Mixer or a Vitamix: You can make soup in a blender now -- soup! Mind blown.
  11. Pans With Lids: So that you can multitask without getting splattered
  12. Dish towels: These are crucial.  
  13. Fruit Baskets/ Bowls: You want produce out where you can see it, so that you’ll know when it goes bad.
  14. Coffee Pot or Pour Over Equipment: Because caffeine is a key ingredient to a good relationship.
  15. Placemats: Yes, you’ll want these. I am kicking myself for talking myself out of registering for these.
  16. Big Cookware: Like, the kind you can use for large dishes like casserole or lasagna. Again, think holidays.
  17. Transportation For Those Dishes: Pie carrier, insulated dish carrier, whatever. Laundry baskets can double as these, but aren’t quite as classy.

House and Home

  1. More Wine Glasses: You will want to host and you want to be prepared.  
  2. More Coffee Mugs: See above.
  3. Bottle Opener: Because opening your beer bottle on the side of a table is a total frat move. You’re matured since 2010.
  4. Lamps: You’ll want them in your bedroom, the living room, the bathroom maybe. You need several.
  5. Centerpieces: Get creative on this one. You’ll want something for the middle of your table.
  6. Aprons and Oven Mitts: There’s a reason they seem cliche -- they’re necessary. Get good mitts, two of them.
  7. Mirrors: These can go in any room and will make the space appear larger than it is
  8. Drink Dispensers: Because they are adorable and great for hosting large groups
  9. Baskets: Because you’ll use them. Junk basket, blanket basket, hand towel basket, you’ll use them.
  10. Rugs: Because they will cozy up a room quickly, but are expensive and you don’t want to buy them later on.
  11. Decorative pillows: Don’t bother trying to explain the need for these to your fiance. This is not a hill worth dying on. Just ask for them. If you don’t have much space to decorate or don’t have the means to purchase decorations, pillows can add a lot of flare to a room.  
  12. Queen Size Air Mattress (if you don’t have a guest room): In the event you have a couple come stay with you
  13. A Broom and/or Swiffer: You will use this.
  14. An Indoor/Outdoor Welcome Floor Mat: Because people will literally bring nature into your home if you don’t stop them.

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