Alicia Keys has settled in for her second season as a coach on "The Voice" and she's loving every minute.

Keys took to "Today" to discuss all the things she's learned over the last year and you can tell she truly enjoys it and truly enjoys helping the contestants on the show.

"I definitely learned how to show them to be their authentic self. And when that shines through, you get something really special," she shared. There are few people out there as authentic as Keys, so there's no one better to help.

Keys also went on to discuss her relationship with the other coaches, especially her relationship with Gwen Stefani.

"We love each other more than Gwen and Blake love each other, straight up! She's amazing she's been a friend of mine for years... we definitely have a connection, it's real and I can't even tell you how much fun it is."

Still no word from Stefani about that impression Keys did though.

Keys also showed off her puppeteering skills.