By now, you know country music artist Cam is one of the most talented and lovable women in country music, right?

I mean, not only is she an incredible musician who's responsible for tracks like "Burning House" and "Mayday," but she literally radiates with joy and warmth, and has absolutely killer style.

With her blonde curly hair and undeniable love for the color yellow, it's not hard to make her look great -- but there's definitely a fashion tip or two we could learn from the beautiful songstress.

11 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Cam:

1. Find the color that suits you.

Find the color that suits you and rock it like Cam does this yellow dress.

2. Don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns.

3. Floral is always good.

4. And floral jumpsuits are even better.

5. Plaid shirts are comfy-casual.

When in doubt, throw on a plaid shirt.

6. Sometimes a little sparkle is in order.

7. Red lipstick is your friend.

8. There's no such thing as too much lace.

9. Bandanas are a fashion risk worth taking.

10. Comfy can be cute.

11. Your smile is your best asset.