Chris Pratt is super hunky, but he's really a fat kid at heart. (And by fat kid, I mean a normal person who doesn't eat like 200 calories a day and workout for six straight hours.)

The actor famously slimmed down for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy and has been pretty vocal about how much it sucks to stick to a diet and actually workout.

He's currently filming the sequel to Jurassic World, which apparently means he's not only on a strict diet, but the food is prepared and packaged for him. So he's taken to his Instagram account with a new "show" called "What's my snack?" He's even got a fun theme song.

In the latest "episode," Chris struggles with a universal problem: starving before bedtime and trying not to eat your snack that's allotted for the next day.

The follows the first episode in which Chris struggles to pronounce the name of his snack:

And the second in which his snack smells and tastes a lot like fish bait: