Amy Grant Gets a Star on the Music City Walk of Fame

Amy Grant is now a permanent fixture in Nashville.

The songstress was inducted into Music City Walk of Fame on April 27. MercyMe frontman Bart Millard gave a moving and heartfelt introduction to his longtime friend.

The Music City Walk of Fame is located in Downtown Nashville in the Hall of Fame park directly across from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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Watch RaeLynn's Heartbreaking "Love Triangle" Performance on "Seth Meyers"

RaeLynn can make me cry. She was on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" this week to perform "Love Triangle" and I didn't even last through the first chorus before the tears started rolling.

RaeLynn wrote this song about her parent's own divorce with Nicolle Gaylon and Jimmy Robbins and her pain comes through every time she sings it.

I haven't experienced her emotions first hand (my parents have been married for 85 million years) but seeing how the big D affected her life just cuts me at my core.

Watch her flawless performance:

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Hear Tyler Farr's Powerful "I Should Go to Church Sometime" That Will Have You Reevaluating Your Weekend Plans

Have you ever fallen instantly in love with a song? That's how I'm feeling about Tyler Farr's "I Should Go to Church Sometime."

The reflective tune was written by Brinley Addington, Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner and has a powerful message that resonates with someone like myself, who tends to be overextended but has good intentions.

"I'm not exactly known for walking the 'straight and narrow,' but I have a strong conscience and I was taught right from wrong," Tyler says.

Saw a man on the sidewalk /
"Hungry" written in red chalk /
Maybe he just wanted to talk /
But I walked away /
Saw a kid on the TV /
He was only seventeen /
Wrapped his truck 'round an oak tree /
The whole town prayed /
I should go to church sometime

"It's something that we all face at some point," Tyler adds. "What am I going to do? How am I going to act? What am I going to do today that's different from yesterday? That decision is what this song is all about."

I should go to church sometime /
Walk a little straighter line /
Lord knows I could use some light /
To get where I'm going /
I shouldn't say "next Sunday" /
I shouldn't let my pride get in the way /
I know I shouldn't be afraid /
Of what I know I'll find /
I should go to church sometime /
I sho
uld go to church sometime /

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Chase Rice Went Back to His Alma Mater and Surprised UNC Students With an Epic Pop-Up Show

Chase Rice went back to where it all began this week to perform a pop up show in Chapel Hill, N.C. The singer, who played football for the University of North Carolina, returned to a popular dive bar, which he actually name checks in one of his tunes.

Chase sent a simple tweet and UNC students came flocking to see him.

He's Not Here, is a dive bar that is named-checked in Chase's album cut, "Carolina Can," when he sings: "faded blue denim on Franklin Street / a He's Not buzz and a house band beat."

"Kids were jumping over walls trying to get in, singing every song," Chase said. "To see fellow Carolina students drop everything they had going on and completely pack He's Not out was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced in music. It's an unbelievable honor to know my music has had such an impact on the University Of North Carolina. This was just a small bar that I used to go to because they had big blue cups full of beer for cheap, and now we've filled it with fans screaming my music."

Chase is known for his ever-present blue solo cup, but at this show he wasn't alone in sporting one.

"I carry that big blue cup on stage with me every single night, and I'm usually the only one in the whole place with it," he adds. "But last night, we ALL had them, held high, proudly singing 'a He's Not buzz' at the top of our lungs. We finally got to bring it home to where it all started -- where I learned to play guitar, where I wrote my first song after my dad died, where I went from an 18-year-old kid to a 22-year-old graduate who finally realized music was his dream."

Watch a clip from the performance:

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13 Times Lee Brice Loved His Wife Sara Like Crazy

If you follow Lee Brice on social media you probably have discerned a few things about him. 1) He likes to hunt and fish. 2) Jerrod Niemann is his best friend. 3) He is madly in love with this wife Sara.

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Brett Eldredge is a Proud Papa as Edgar Graduates

There is no prouder moment for a parent than watching their child's hard work pay off.

Brett Eldredge, who has been galavanting around Europe over the last few weeks, made it home in time to see his baby, Edgar, wear his cap and gown.

While dad has been having fun, Edgar has been doing his best at obedience training.

Looks like he passed, with flying colors (or frisbees).

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Faith Hill to Produce New Kellie Pickler Hosted Talk Show

Kellie Pickler is adding lifestyle talk show host to her long list of titles.

The upcoming untitled original series is being helmed by executive producers Faith Hill, Lisa Erspamer (former exec producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show) and Sandbox Entertainment's Jason Owen.

Kellie will be joined by co-host NYC journalist Ben Aaron for the show, which will focus on cooking, gardening, entertainment, home design and beauty and fashion.

"We will bring a little bit of southern charm and inspiration to our viewers, alongside insights from top tastemakers and experts in many areas," Faith said. "Kellie is very much southern while Ben is everything New York – complete opposites but together their chemistry is magic and our viewers are going to love them."

The show will debut on 20 Scripps market stations and will be distributed for national syndication by Disney/ABC.

It airs Sept. 18.

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