If you're a woman, you know that finding the perfect bathing suit is hard. And when summer rolls around and all you crave is a relaxing day at the pool, beach or lake, the last thing you want to think, worry and stress about is the search to find a flattering bathing suit.

Nothing zaps the joy out of a perfect summer day quite like that dreaded bathing suit hunt.

So, this year, when you embark on your annual suit-search, try to keep these eight universally flattering bathing suit trends in mind -- and (hopefully) tracking down the perfect suit won't be that bad.

8 Bathing Suits That Look Good on Literally Everyone:

High Waisted Bikinis

This look is flattering on everyone because it covers up (what most consider to be) the unflattering area of the tummy and accentuates the typically more toned part.

One Piece Suits with Plunging Backs

This is flattering because it allows you to show a little skin while still having some coverage.

Suits with Ribbing

Ribbing is super chic and flattering to the tummy area.

Suits with a Little Lace Detail

Bathing suits with lace detail can add a little sass and sex appeal to your suit.

Suits with Hardware

Swimsuits that incorporate pieces like zippers or buttons are super flattering and add fun detail to your suit.

Two Pieces with Lots of Detail Up Top

Incorporating detail such as straps, cutouts, keyholes, etc. to your bathing suit top can help draw the eye away from less flattering areas.

And it's just super cute.

One-Shoulder Suits

Similar to plunging-back suits, one-shoulder suits allow you to show some skin without forfeiting coverage.

High-Necked Suits

Adding a high-neck to your swimsuit can make you look and feel a little more high fashion and chic.

And it's just super flattering across the board.

Try these:

COCOPEAR Women's Elegant Crossover One Piece Swimdress Floral Skirted

Women's One Piece Sailor Striped Swimsuit