Back in the late '90s and early 2000s thousands of girls would find out what hotel or hotels the Backstreet Boys were staying in and camp out waiting for just a glimpse of them. It wasn't really the picture of romance, but they must've learned something from the masses-- it's only about the one.

For the Florida Georgia Line boys, it's always been about the one (or two)-- Hayley and Brittney, which is why the country music duo didn't have a problem piecing together home video footage of romantic excursions with their ladies for their new video, "God, Your Mama and Me."

The video begins with Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard and each of the Backstreet Boys talking about their wives or surprising their wives.

Tyler Hubbard is preparing to deliver a special drink on the beach, Kevin Richardson is getting his kids to help cook, Nick Carter bought a horse, Brian Littrell planned a picnic outside, AJ McLean scheduled a day at the spa, Howie D. put rose petals in a bathtub and Brian Kelley exclaims, "I'm the luckiest man on this planet, God is so good."

In between clips, the supergroup gets together on the beach to jam out together and sing about how much they love their ladies.