"House Hunters" is infuriating. For people on a home-buying show the couples are shockingly ignorant about houses and how to buy one. It's as if all the couples either don't know what a budget is or have never heard of paint. The most minor things are considered deal breakers and no one blinks an eye at the crippling debt that awaits them.

"This house is $250,000 over budget, is an hour from where we work, is in a bad school district, but the kitchen is white and has nice appliances. I'LL TAKE IT!"

Thank goodness I'm not alone in this. The world is not insane, yet. Twitter has taken notice and is giving the show and all its glory the hilarious meme treatment.

7 "House Hunters" Tweets That Really Sum Up the Terrible Home Buyers:

That show is going to drive me crazy.