No matter which side of the Taylor Swift fence you reside upon, it's hard to argue against her incomparable songwriting skills. After all, when she had to fill out her occupation on a jury duty survey, she did write "songwriter."

This summer, Swift once again wore the songwriting label proudly as she sent an email to Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet and asked him to listen to "Better Man."

Of course, the song has now gone to No. 1 on the country charts and everyone knows who wrote it, but when Sweet first got it, he was a little worried, telling The Tennessean, "I wouldn't know what to say if I didn't dig it," Sweet said. "I downloaded it and listened to it and was blown away. The melody was so memorable, and I couldn't get it out of my head. It felt like it was the perfect piece of the puzzle."

Kimberly Schlapman is just thankful Sweet's email folders are set up properly, "We've joked, saying, 'Thank the Lord that didn't go into Phillip's spam folder.'"