The thing I love most about McDonald's is that they're true to themselves, and don't often change their menu.

Of course, since being founded in 1955, the historic fast food chain has expanded and updated the foods they serve, but they haven't veered far off the original path -- burgers and fries.

Now, in addition to their delectable burgers, they offer non-red meat and healthy options, such as chicken nuggets, salads, wraps and oatmeal.

But, even with those changes, the original menu items have remained among the most popular.

I mean, are you surprised?

McDonald's Top 10 Menu Items:

1. French Fries

2.Big Mac

3. Snack Wrap

4. Happy Meal

5. Egg McMuffin

6. Apple Dippers and Baked Apple Pie

7. Chicken McNuggets and Chicken Select Strips

8. Premium Salads

9. Double Cheeseburger

10. McGriddles Breakfast Sandwich