We are almost always listening to streaming media-- during our commutes, during work, studying, working out, making dinner, we play music, the radio, or have Netflix running in the background. But, one media we overlook is podcasts. They are a great way to be encouraged, entertained, and to learn something new while going through your daily routine. The best part is they are all free!

5 Podcasts You Should Probably Start Listening to Immediately:

1. The Podcast with Great Conversations
Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

This podcast is like having a conversation over a cup of coffee with good friends. Jamie, a wife and mother of four, brings a guest on each week to chat about life ranging from the simple to the grand. Start with episode #26 featuring Jamie's husband Aaron or her most recent episode with Heather Avis.

2. The Podcast That Will Blow Your Mind


I can't stop talking about Radiolab. I tell my friends about it, tweet about it, bring it up around strangers to break the ice... I love it. Radiolab constantly surprises me in the best way. Start with the episode on Colors or their story about Nazi POW's in rural Alabama during World War 2

3. The Binge-worthy Podcast

Serial season 1

If you liked "Making a Murderer" you will love this. Season 1 takes a hard look at a case that is not so black and white and the perfect student the murder was pinned on. Start with episode one, obviously. Skip season 2; it's not so great.

4. The Sports (and Pop Culture) Podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons is a former ESPN journalist, the founder of the Oscar and Emmy award winning "30 for 30" documentary series, and former writer for Jimmy Kimmel. This guy knows his sports and has his hand on the pulse of pop culture. Start with any conversation he has with Malcolm Gladwell and then check out his conversation with Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel the day after the Oscars.

5. The Christian Podcast That Isn't a Sermon


Christianese takes a deeper look at the things Christians say but may not understand. How do you "guard your heart"? What is a Evangelical? What do we mean when we say we are #blessed? What's going on in the Old Testament? These episodes are quick, so you will have no trouble listening to them on your commute.