Snow days in the South are almost as rare as Big Foot sightings. When it does snow, we Southerners tend to freak out in every way possible. It's half celebration and half, "It's the end of the world as we know it." Granted, we don't have snowplows down here and many of our cars aren't prepared for slick or icy roads. It's also hard to know what to expect because our forecasts change so quickly. Despite the uncertainty, here are seven things you can bet will happen when it snows in the South.

1. The mere possibility of a snowflake falling induces mass hysteria as Southerners flock to the grocery store and load up on milk and bread.

2. All it takes is a light dusting and ALL SCHOOLS are closed.

3. Muddy snowmen - part dirt, part grass, and part snow. Can't say we didn't try.

4. The snow angels are pretty pathetic too.

5. Country boys and girls act like country boys and girls (just add snow).

6. Everybody wrecks because nobody knows how to drive in the snow.

Snow in Alabama: 17-car pile up in Riverchase near Hoover, Ala. south of Birmingham@jeff_poor

7. Whether it's one inch or ten, it will be called #snowpocalypse or #snowmeggedon.