RaeLynn is Totally Living the "Short Hair, Don't Care" Life

When we first met RaeLynn on "The Voice," she had long curly that rivaled Dolly Parton. After going through several ups and downs of music industry life, RaeLynn was ready to do something new, though she was a little scared.

RaeLynn sat down with the Grand Ole Opry to discuss her current hairstyle and why she'll never go back to that long hair life.

"It wasn't hard to cut it short, I wanted to do something, we did it little by little, RaeLynn shared. And though it was definitely stylist Amanda Craig that pushed RaeLynn to chop it off, she also had help from another blonde beauty-- Julianne Hough.


Kelsea Ballerini's Best Beauty Advice Should Be Taught in Middle Schools

Kelsea Ballerini knows what's up. Not only has she become a massive country music star in the last couple of years, she's also becoming known for her down-to-earth advice and very approachable vibe. A couple of years ago, people started comparing her legs to Carrie Underwood's-- a compliment for the ages, sure. But, when asked her workout routine she just said she walks her dog and tries to go easy on the chicken tenders every now and then. (Results definitely not guaranteed.)

When it comes to beauty advice, Kelsea's not trying to talk about some product you can only buy in France under a bridge from someone who once walked past Gwyneth Paltrow-- she's throwing out real helpful advice.

Kelsea told the Grand Ole Opry that it's all about washing your face-- simple, yet effective.

But, really, she started slinging knowledge when she shared some advice from her mom, "My mom told me when I was younger... you either play up the eyes or the lip, but you can't do both because you'd look crazy."

This is the type of advice that should hang on the walls of middle schools everywhere-- kind of like the "hang in there" cat poster.

Dolly Parton

Watching Dolly Parton Sing "Makin' Fun Ain't Funny" to Kids Will Change Your Heart

The world needs more Dolly Parton. And somehow, Dolly seems to know this. Thank goodness.

Dolly recently announced the release of I Believe In YouI Believe In You, her first album written and recorded for kids and those young at heart. The album's 14 songs are full of that classic Dolly wisdom. During her press conference to reveal the album title and cover art, Dolly sang a couple of the songs for the kids in attendance, confirming she is truly a treasure.

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12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free

The effort you put into your personal style impacts the impression you make to the world. And, believe-it-or-not, the smallest of changes can lead to big results. Here are twelve ways you improve your personal style — all for free.

12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free:

1. Practice Good Posture
Improving your posture is a vital step to improving your personal style. Standing and sitting with your shoulders back, head up, and spine straight gives you a proven appearance and immediate upgrade.

2. Get Rid Of Bad Clothing That No Longer Fits
Clothes that have no chance of being altered are pretty much worthless. Clear the clutter in your closet by minimizing your number of options and put the unwanted clothes in a donation box or hand them over to someone who may have a use for them.

3. Learn How To Sew
Every man should know how to make good use of a needle and thread, like replacing lost buttons or patching holes. A little effort in learning how to sew can pay off big time should you ever choose to add some unique character to your attire.

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Kristen Bell Has A Lot Insightful and Meaningful Things to Say About Marriage and Hollywood Divorces

Kristen Bell is dropping knowledge-- per the usual. During a recent red carpet event, "E! News" asked Bell about her marriage to Dax Shepard and more specifically-- about fans who "mourn" Hollywood marriages when they are over. This particular question was definitely asked in the wake of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' divorce announcement from last week.

The first bit of truth shared from Bell was that, a Hollywood couple's separation shouldn't necessarily be heartbreaking for the rest of the world, "I think there's a little bit of lack of acknowledgment about really loving something that was. If there are two people that decide not to be together, it shouldn't really be a heartbreak for everyone. You should say, 'Oh, they tried. But that doesn't discount the lovely years they had together.' If I ever get divorced, I'm still going to be like, 'Wow, I loved being married to that man.' It's a little more nuanced I think than people want to acknowledge. I think it's the truth."

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10 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Being a well-groomed man is as much about avoiding tragic mistakes as it is performing small, tidying rituals. No matter how carefully you shave or how expertly you style your hair, if your fingernails look like bear claws, you're really no better off.

Below are a few of the most common grooming mistakes that men should avoid.

10 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid:

1. Dirty, Uncut Nails

Nails should always be clipped short and free from dirt. And; just so you know, there is nothing wrong if you get a professional manicure or pedicure. Just remember to skip the polish.

2. Wearing Too Much Cologne
Too much of a good thing couldn't be more true than with cologne. All you need is a few sprays on the wrists and behind the ears — which is more than enough.

3. Too Much Hair Product
The only thing worse than using no product at all is turning your head into a plastic helmet. Gloppy gels are for amateurs that don't leave much room for movement. Go for lighter pastes and creams that create shape and definition while still maintaining a natural appearance.

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Keith Urban

Keith Urban Explaining Guitar Techniques to Regular People is Kind of Like Rocket Science

I'm willing to say this about myself on the Internet-- I'm not a total idiot, which means I'm kind of smart. I'm somewhat musically inclined in the sense that I was in band for a number of years, took piano lessons and really like music. In college, I attempted to teach myself how to play the guitar, but my brain and my fingers just don't work like that together.

You know who has a brain that can tell its fingers what to do? Keith Urban. That guy can do things on the guitar that I don't think computers can do. I've met Keith and I can confirm that he's an actual human, but he may have robot hands.

Keith sat down backstage at the Grand Ole Opry for a little guitar talk and in the video he claims he's going to explain finger picking versus flat top picking, which I'm assuming he does, but I got lost pretty early on.

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Hunter Hayes Recommends Staying Clueless If You Want to Be Successful

It's very important for your own happiness that you find out who you are and be that. I think that's a part of the piece that Hunter Hayes is advocating here.

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