Mom Puts Hilarious and Super Accurate Twist On "Girl Crush"

While Little Big Town's "Girl Crush" is one of my all-time favorite songs, Selah may have just topped it with the hilarious and super accurate parody called "Mom Crush."

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Faith Hill Sang "Mississippi Girl" With a Tiny Fan and We Cried

Faith Hill may have met her match.

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16-Year-Old Wins Over "The Voice" with Acoustic, Mellow "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Performance

Lauryn Judd's talents were so impressive during her acoustic remix of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," Alicia Keys thought she was listening to a duet. Turns out, it was just Lauren, a 17-year-old from Utah, who is known as the singing girl" amongst her friends.


Judd's remix of the Lauper classic remained in the same vocal register, but had a much more mellow vibe.

Keys, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton turned their chairs during the blind audition on "The Voice," prompting Blake to say, "Two fun girls just turned their chair for ya... I would love to be somebody who helps you."

In the end, Judd went with Keys.


Alicia Keys Sings "Fallin'" with "Voice" Contestant Felicia Temple

It's only been one night, but the "The Voice" has already gifted us with, what may be, my favorite moment of all 12 seasons.

After performing a stunning rendition of Etta James' "All I Can Do is Cry," 28-year-old Felicia Temple earned three chair turns from coaches Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton -- side note: Adam, what were you thinking?

But, before she had a chance to choose her coach, Alicia joined the singer (who was once nicknamed "Felicia Keys") on stage for an out-of-this-world performance of "Fallin'."

Like, I can't really put into words how good these two sound together, so you'll just have to listen.

Group Uses Drainage Pipe and Kids Toys to Perform Insane Cover of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You"

If you haven't heard Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" -- how?

Since its release in mid-January, the track has been playing non-stop on the radio, performed at numerous awards shows and constantly stuck in my head -- which I honestly don't mind.

Well, in celebration of the song's success (or maybe just because it's stuck in their heads too), a musical group called Walk Off the Earth covered the tune -- and it's awesome.

Using drainage pipe, kids toys and cereal (or something) in a bowl, the group put their own unique twist on Ed's typically guitar-heavy, looper-driven track.

And honestly, if you closed your eyes, you would have no idea they weren't playing real instruments.

I'm so impressed.

Someone Turned These Taylor Swift Songs Into a Cinderella-Inspired Musical, and It's Brilliant

This is something I never would've thought to do -- but it makes so much sense!

Recently, the people at Pattycake Productions turned a series of Taylor Swift songs into a brilliant Cinderella-inspired musical called "Cinderswift."

Throughout the video, we see the typical characters (Cinderella, the Evil Step Sisters, the Fairy Godmother, etc.) act out the classic play, but with the twist of contemporary Taylor songs like "Mean," "22" and "Shake It Off."

I'm honestly so impressed.

They crew has also produced other musicals like:

"The Walking Dead: a Sia Unexpected Musical,"


and "The Will.of.Oz."

You Have to Hear This Trio Play the "Stranger Things" Theme Song on Their Cellos

Since its release last fall, I have been a big (!!!) fan of the Netflix original series "Stranger Things."

Not only has the show provided a totally unique and unvisited storyline, killer special effects and a fresh crew of young actors, but it has also gifted us with an incredible sound track -- like, you should listen to it right now.

Well, in celebration of the show and its sound track, Nicholas Yee, Adam Caulfield and Katherine Pernal have recreated the theme song with their cellos -- and it's incredible.

Turning the somewhat creepy tune into a melodic, soothing piece, the trio has totally blown me away with their take on the track.

Take a listen below.

Grace VanderWaal Covered Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" and It's Like, "Whoa"

Grace VanderWaal sang her way into America's heart while auditioning for "America's Got Talent" with a touching original song called "I Don't Know My Name."

After the impressive performance, judge Simon Cowell called the 12-year-old talent "the next Taylor Swift," and we totally agree. Not only does Grace have a stunning, unique voice, undeniable musical talent and an adorable personality, but she also has a flair for penning her own songs -- she truly is the full package.

Recently, via her YouTube channel, Grace shared a cover of pop icon Katy Perry's smash hit "I Kissed a Girl." Transforming the normally upbeat dance tune into a ukelele-heavy ballad, Grace totally blew us away -- yet again.

Noah Cyrus' Take On Vance Joy's "Riptide" Is Insanely Good

Since the debut of her single "Make Me (Cry)," the youngest of the Cyrus clan, Noah Cyrus, has quickly proven that she's the real deal.

So far, everything off her album, NC-17, has become an instant hit, and a regular on the radio.

We're impressed.

Recently, during her iHeart Radio live session, the 17-year-old singer covered Vance Joy's smash hit "Riptide" -- and it was incredibly good.

Though she didn't change much about the song's structure, the performance allowed Noah's pure talent to shine.

Looks like Noah's here to stay.