Chris Pratt Made Anna Faris a 'Love-Making Mixtape' and She Really Didn't Like It

It turns out, Chris Pratt is human. He just plays a superhero on TV.

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Connie Britton Isn't Saying She Won't Come Back to "Nashville" as Rayna's Evil Twin

Connie Britton made her first public appearance since the death of Rayna James on "Nashville" and Stephen Colbert presented her with an interesting option for returning to the show.

First, Colbert wanted to confirm, several times, that Rayna was actually and totally dead.

"She's really dead. I'm sorry," she said as she explained that Rayna having a long, lost twin sister isn't a terrible idea.

Lori McKenna Performed "Humble & Kind" for Stephen Colbert and He Probably Cried

Lori McKenna loves Tim McGraw's version of "Humble & Kind." Most people love Tim's version and he did a fantastic job on it, worthy of the accolades he was nominated for, but-- there's just something about Lori singing it.

Maybe it's because she wrote it by herself as a note and a prayer to her five kids or maybe it's because her voice has this profound sadness to it, whatever it is, her voice is powerful and moving. In a much different way than Tim's version.

Lori's version appears on her album, The Bird & The Rifle. The song recently won a GRAMMY for Best Country Song and is nominated for ACM Song and Single of the Year.

Lori performed the tune on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and he probably cried. We thought about it.


Andrew Garfield and Idina Menzel Star in a Movie Written By Kids

In my mind, Andrew Garfield and Idina Menzel are two of the most respected talents in the business.

Not only are they both incredibly good at their crafts, but they're hard-workers, incredibly devoted and, seemingly, kind individuals.


So, when I saw they were going to be participating in "Teenage War," a movie written exclusively by children, I knew it was going to be good.

While visiting the "Late Show" recently, Andrew and Idina joined Priyanka Chopra, John Oliver and John Malkovich on screen for the teen-drama, action, comedy movie -- LOL.

Needless to say, the script and storyline was mostly jumbled, a little inconceivable and absolutely hilarious.


Andrew Garfield Explains That Kiss He Shared with Ryan Reynolds

On the night of the 74th Annual Golden Globes, something historic happened -- Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds kissed.

Like most of us, "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert was left with one question -- "Why?" So, during Andrew's most recent visit to the show, he decided to get the inside scoop on the two movie stars' lovey-dovey encounter.

Turns out, it all had to do with Ryan losing Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical to Ryan Gosling.

"I just wanted Ryan to know that I loved him no matter whether he won or lost," Andrew said. "I just wanted him to know that it doesn't matter [if you win or lose], it's how you play the game. He showed up, he gave his all, it doesn't change anything in my heart."

Hey, I'm into it.

Oh, and then Stephen and Andrew shared a kiss of their own.

30 Celebrities Who Freaked Out Over Meeting the "Stranger Things" Cast

In a matter of weeks, the talented young cast of Netflix's original "Stranger Things" became one of the most popular, most sought-after and most recognizable in the industry.

Not only is the group of tweens incredibly good at their craft, but they're adorable, funny and young enough to disregard the stigmas of "the business" -- it's a win, win, win.

So, when they enter a room (even when it's full of fellow A-list celebrities), all eyes are on them.

30 Celebrities Who Freaked Out Over Meeting the "Stranger Things" Cast:

1. Amy Schumer

And Amy Adams... kind of.

2. Amy Schumer Again.

3. Mario Lopez

4. David Beckham

5. Joe Jonas

6. Justin Timberlake

7. Ryan Gosling

8. America Ferrera

9. Matthew Lewis

10. Shay Mitchell

11. Reese Witherspoon

12. Cuba Gooding Jr.

13. Vanessa Hudgens

14. Emma Stone

15. Anna Kendrick

16. Aaron Paul

17. Jimmy Fallon

18. Henry Winkler

19. This Group of A-Listers

20. Al Roker

21. The Bella Twins

22. Rami Malek

23. Weird Al

24. Emmy Rossum

25. Kerry Washington

26. Norman Reedus

27. Donald Glover

28. Stephen Colbert

29. Keke Palmer

30. Blake Lively

Hayden Panettiere Reminisces About the Craziest Roles of Her Career

Since she was 11 months old, "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere has been acting in commercials, TV shows and movies.

Before the age of 10, Hayden had already been in over 50 commercials and starred in soap operas like "One Life to Live" and "Guiding Light," which she says gave her some of the craziest story lines of her career.

"'Nashville,' you know, the story lines have been pretty crazy... but I think 'Guiding Light' takes the cake," she said. "They threw me down a well,... I got leukemia not once, but twice, I was kidnapped... I shot my mom's boyfriend."

All of that probably prepared her for the ultra-dramatic role of Juliette Barnes. LOL.

Oh, and if you wanted to watch that well episode of "Guiding Light" Hayden was talking about, here you go!


Rock Legends Honor the Eagles with Lively Rendition of "Life in the Fast Lane"

During the 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, the Eagles were surprised and honored with an all-star performance of their song "Life in the Fast Lane."

The tribute was performed by rock legends Kings of Leon, Bob Seger, Vince Gill, Stephen Colbert, Juanes, Steve Vai, Steuart Smith and the Eagles Tribute Cast -- and it was, unsurprisingly, incredible.

Other than watching the legendary group perform the classic tune, the coolest part of this ordeal is seeing people like Barrack Obama and Ringo Starr sing along in the background.