Look, I get it-- "This Is Us" exists to make viewers feel their feelings. The show wants you to cry and be emotional.

Knowing that going into each episode, I'm not sure I've ever really broken down because of something emotional on screen.

However, I have felt emotions over how good looking these people are. If they were a real family-- unreal.

11 Times the "This Is Us" Cast Made Us Cry Because They Are So Good Looking:

1. I'm totally Team Jess these days because Jack is-- wow.

2. If they were actual siblings, this would be a Sears catalog photoshoot.

3. I'd watch "The Manny." On repeat.

4/5. Brothers. Those smiles.

6. No wonder their kids are so cute.

7. I've totally forgotten Mandy Moore started out in the game as one of the big four female teeny bopper pop phenomenons in the late '90s. And by "forgotten," I mean, "forgiven."

8. Ugh.

9. Very interested in coffee.

10. Glad he's not my dad.

11. Honestly.