Thomas Rhett and his super cute wife Lauren recently shared with fans that they're expecting a little baby girl later this year. At the same time, they announced to the world that they're adopting a baby from Africa. Obviously, we've been thinking a lot about this and we think we have some names dreamed up for these little babes.

We don't know the gender or age of the baby they're adopting, but we'll assume it's a boy.

7 Names for Thomas Rhett and Lauren's New Babies:

1. Peyton and Pat
These names would be great for any baby! And they pay tribute to two of the most legendary Tennessee Vols ever-- Peyton Manning and Pat Summitt. And we know Lauren loves her Vols.

2. Georgia and Rhett
Rhett for TR's namesake and Georgia for that "mansion in Georgia."

3. Conway and Loretta

4. John and June

5. Bruno and Taylor
These two really love Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. It just makes sense.

6. Tyler and Hayley
The Akins and the Hubbards are the best of friends, why not go the distance and name a kid after your BFFs?

7. Dierks and Dolly
People love families that name all of their kids with the same letters.