While boots are one of those wardrobe essentials that are universally flattering, there are some styles that look better on certain body types. This may seem sort of daunting as you think you shouldn't wear certain boots if have a particular body style, but what it really means is that there are options out there that are more flattering and will make you look better than ever!

Which Style Boot Best Fits Your Body Type?

1. Muscular Legs

Chances are, you've worked hard to achieve those muscles and you want to show them off! The best way to do this is with a heeled ankle boot. It's basically the same principle as wearing high-heeled shoe as the heel helps contract your muscle.

This heeled bootie by Indigo Rd. is perfect to show off your muscles.

2. Stout Legs

If you have shorter legs that are stout, you need to do two things: Add height with a heel and add length to your legs. This can be achieved with a boot. An ankle boot won't chop your legs in half making them appear larger than they actually are. This also helps girls who can't always find a wide-calf option. With an ankle boot, you never have to worry about that! If you opt for a tall boot, make sure it doesn' t hit you mid-calf. Find a boot that comes up to just below the knee.

This bootie by Indigo Rd. is perfect because it has a slight heel that adds a little length to your leg. Also, the shaft is short so it doesn't visually chop your legs off, making this a win-win.

3. Tall

If you are tall, boots become a personal preference. You can stick to a flat or low heel to let your natural height shine, or you can go with a heel to add additional height. The choice is yours.

4. Slim legs

If you are in this minority (we are super jealous!) you really can't go wrong, but an over-the-knee boot is going to give you the illusion of more curve in the thigh.

5. Petite

We recommend a boot with some sort of heel to boost your height. Opt for the ankle boot or taller boot rather than one that hits you mid-calf for the most flattering look.

The Wildflower boot by Ariat is perfect for the petite girl. It has the heel height and shaft length you need to best flatter your figure.