Hairstyles and Handbags: How to Show Off Your Wild Side

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Jerrod Niemann Releases New Song

Jerrod Niemann’s newest album, Journey to High Noon, won’t drop until March 25, but his smash hit, “Drink to That All Night,” is about to hit the Top 10 country airplay charts. And today, Neimann released another song from the album, “Donkey” on his site, JourneyToHighNoon. Listen here for what’s sure to be the first … Read more

45 Places Ronnie Dunn Could Kiss You and the VIDEO

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Five Celebrities Whose Parents Were Country Music Stars

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Ten Ways to Glam Your Country Look Like Kacey Musgraves

The secret to Kacey Musgraves’ amazing look is in the contrast: she mixes genres, textures and colors in unexpected ways, creating an image that is both edgy and familiar at the same time. Here’s how to take a page from her fabulous style and glam up your own special look: 1. Make It Sparkle: Did … Read more