April 30, 2014 - One Country

What’s in Miranda Lambert’s Purse?

Were we surprised when Miranda Lambert told us she carries a large purse? No way! We wouldn’t expect anything less from someone with her star status. So what exactly does the Female Vocal Artist of the Year have in her purse? Miranda Lambert says her bag is very large. “Pretty much anything you can think of … Read more

Rascal Flatts Announces Rewind Tour Includes Sheryl Crow

It was a good day for Rascal Flatts as they announced their Rewind Tour will include special guest, Sheryl Crow. Jay DeMarcus said, “We’re very excited about that. We’ve been a fan of Sheryl’s for a long, long time and she’s just a wonderful, talented person and we’re gonna have a lotta fun.” He also … Read more

Southern Insults 101: Things Your Mama Taught You

Though Scarlett O’Hara is the kind of woman many Southern girls aspire to be, there were times even she struggled with the proper Southern insults. It’s a tricky business coming up with just the right cutting line. In a fight with Ashley Wilkes, she bursts out, “I can’t think of anything bad enough to call you!” … Read more

The Voice Recap: Top 10 Results

This is Country Outfitter Style’s weekly recap of  ”The Voice.” We’re covering it all season!  Carson started out the evening a few days behind by telling America that Gwen Stefani and the man with a hat, Pharrell will be coaches next season. TEAM USHER performed a Lenny Kravitz song and they finally let Josh Kaufman … Read more