Country Music Buzz

It seems like every week is a big week in country music. And that’s the way we like it! Here’s our weekly recap of everything (or a lot of) that happened this week. Garth Brooks is being mysterious again. The BIG news of this week is news we don’t even know. But it is Garth … Read more

6 Tips for Getting Your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Down the Aisle

Getting your ring bearer and/or flower girl to walk down the aisle can be a challenge. Many times their walk down the aisle ends in tears. So the question is: how do you avoid this kind of scenario? First, let’s remember that kids are just little people. You can’t make a person do something that … Read more

Getaway Guide: Do Atlanta In 36 Hours

Avoiding Hotlanta references is tough when discussing the unofficial capital of the South, so let’s just get that out of the way. Things are hot down here with temperatures hitting 90+ on the daily. No matter the heat, people in Georgia are ridiculously friendly. Maybe it’s the charming accent that has me dishing out hearty … Read more