Thomas Rhett Offers Up Style Tips

Thomas Rhett recently shared some style tips for “Men’s Health,” but most of his tips work for women, too. 1. “Find a compromise between lazy Sundays and red carpet swagger.” Right? Aren’t we all just trying to find a happy medium between sweat pants and a ball gown? Rhett went on to say, “The perfect hat … Read more

Maddie & Tae Visit “Today”

“Weekend Today” featured Maddie & Tae last weekend in a segment highlighting the success of the duo’s No.1 debut hit “Girl In A Country Song.” Tackling the topic of “bro country,” the segment includes an interview with Maddie & Tae as well as Country Weekly Editor-In-Chief Lisa Konicki who says, “I don’t think there’s a big … Read more

7 Country Music Albums I Couldn’t Turn Off

2014 produced some mega, all-out wonderful albums. Albums that will go down in history and be talked about for decades. Country Outfitter Style chose our Top Country Albums of the Year, but we couldn’t settle there. Those albums were epic and wonderful. However, there was more to be said. 7 Country Music Albums I Couldn’t … Read more