How Your Favorite Country Music Stars Spent Christmas

Sometimes, stars are just like us! Especially around the Holidays. Taylor Swift was gifted new carrying cases for her favorite kittens, named after two of her favorite television characters. Miranda Lambert didn’t avoid any of her elementary school friends over the break– so, maybe she isn’t just like us? View this post on Instagram … Read more

10 Best Things That Happened in Nashville in 2014

I love my town. I mean LOVE LOVE. I’ve been in Nashville for 13 years now and I can’t ever imagine living anywhere else. That being said… here are the 10 best things I covered in Nashville in 2014. 1. Garth came back to town. It’s always awesome when you get a cool new neighbor. … Read more

Real Country Wedding: Chelsea Howell

We take great joy in sharing these real weddings with you as they are filled with rustic wedding style, creativity, and even a few DIY country wedding ideas along the way. Our hope is that these Real Country Weddings will inspire and guide you as you plan your own country wedding. Our very first bride is Chelsea Howell. Her lovely country wedding took … Read more

Snow Day? Time to Organize Your Closet

You have a spontaneous day off so you do what any self-respecting adult would do. You decide to organize your closet! Okay, so maybe that is stretching the truth just a bit, but it is much more productive that binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. Besides, Netflix isn’t going anywhere, you can do that over … Read more

Taylor Swift Loves This More Than Her Cats (Maybe)

Covering Taylor Swift is all the rage these days, but this duo is doing it a little bit different. So different that even Taylor Swift herself has talked about it. Singer Louisa Wendorff and her friend Devin performed an acoustic, stripped-down version of “Style” and “Blank Space” off of Taylor’s 1989. Post by Taylor Swift. … Read more