10 Drinks Real Men Shouldn’t Order in Bars

Dudes, I know there are a lot of drinks out there that taste delicious, but if they are handed to you in a girly glass, turn your tongue pink, or have the word “light” or “tini” in the name, it’s off limits. I don’t mean you should never sip these drinks, but when you’re at … Read more

Florida Georgia Line Releases New Single “Anything Goes”

Florida Georgia Line is releasing their lead single “Anything Goes,” the title track for their second album. The music video for the song will follow and is set to include footage from their recent live performances on the road allowing fans to get a taste of a live, high-energy performance. The record-breaking pair has had … Read more

Brett Eldredge Reveals Album Cover for Illinois

CMA New Artist of the Year winner Brett Eldredge, revealed the cover for his new album Illinois via the social media app, Snapchat. The album is set to release September 11 on Atlantic Records. “I’m so excited to be releasing a new album,” said Eldredge. “We’ve been performing a few of the new songs in our show and … Read more

‘Max’ Movie Trailer Featuring Blake Shelton’s “Forever Young” Will Make You Cry

You will tear up when you watch the ‘Max’ movie trailer featuring Blake Shelton’s “Forever Young.” And when we say tear up, we mean ugly cry. You will love this story of tragedy and triumph about a dog and his owner. Max is a military dog on the frontline in Afghanistan who loses his owner, Kyle. Traumatized, the dog returns home to … Read more

How to Get Legs Like Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has long been applauded for her sizzlin’ body and lean legs. Keep in mind, she works hard for those legs! She is known for hard core workouts and a long-time dedication to fitness. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have those toned, lean legs too! In fact, if you want million dollar legs just like Carrie, we’ve … Read more

7 Yummy Meals in a Mug You Can Make in the Microwave

Do you ever ignore your cravings for yummy food because you don’t want put forth the effort it takes to make it? Do you ever head out the door for work without breakfast because you were running too late to scramble an egg? Lucky for you, we found some recipes that are the perfect solution! Microwavable meals in a … Read more