8 Best Debut Albums from Country Music Artists

In today’s music industry, a debut album for an artist seems to be more about name recognition, radio play and sales more than anything else. For some artists, the equation works out and not only does the album produce sales and radio play, it sets up a musical legacy and a benchmark to always aim … Read more

Darius Rucker Celebrates No. 1 Hit with His BFF Charles Kelley

“I wouldn’t have given me a record deal if I was my cousin,” Darius Rucker said as he looked back over his country music career. The signing of Darius to a country music deal was big leap of faith for the CEO of Universal Music Group, Mike Dungan, but it paid off. Big time. Darius just celebrated … Read more

Country Music Stars and Their Kids’ Unique Names

People love to make fun of the names that Hollywood stars give their children. Pilot Inspector, North West, Apple. There are some gems out there. Country singers, who often mingle and mate with the Hollywood elite, are much more of a mixture when it comes to naming their little ones. Inspiration can come from a … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Real Wrangler Cowboy

It’s not every day you see a real life cowboy. And it’s certainly not every day you see one with his horse parked outside a local liquor store. But that’s exactly what happened to Country Outfitter photographer, Jeremy Scott. He snapped a photo of the man and his horse and through a series of circumstances via … Read more

Jason Aldean Says Artists Don’t Make Crap

Less than a year after pulling off of his music off of Spotify, country music superstar Jason Aldean is speaking out on the subject– again. Aldean spoke with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about his feelings on the matter of streaming music and everything that comes along with it. First and foremost, Aldean says he has been … Read more

Blake Shelton is Writing “Important” Music

Blake Shelton has always said he’s an entertainer and not a songwriter, but after a rough summer, it looks like that could be changing a little. Blake recently tweeted, not only that he’s been in the studio recording, but that he’s also been writing some. And not just any ol’ song, but an “important” song. … Read more

9 Hilarious Tweets from ‘Drunken Martina McBride’

Even those most parody Twitter accounts are long past their prime, there’s just something about “Drunken Martina McBride” ranting and raving about country music that feels right. This totally not politically correct version of McBride comments on everything from covers of “Uptown Funk” to motherhood. 9 Hilarious Tweets from Drunken Martina McBride: 1. I need … Read more

Luke Bryan Hosts World’s Greatest Sing-Along at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Underneath the tight jeans and backwards hat, is Luke Bryan‘s huge, huge heart. The country music superstar recently visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and hosted a sing-along for the patients and their parents. Luke was in town for his Kick The Dust Up Tour, but that didn’t stop him from … Read more