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6 Country Music Videos from 1995 You Sadly Forgot About

The old saying, “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” can certainly describe music videos as whole, not just country music videos. The days of movie-like budgets and productions are long past for most artists, though a few are still holding steady. Country music in the early ’90s was in its prime and so were its music videos. Most good videos featured a strong story and the singer front-and-center. If the video was really good there was some type of choreographed dance, too.

So, no– they don’t make ’em like that used to.

6 Country Music Videos from 1995 You Sadly Forgot About:

Tracy Lawrence // “Texas Tornado”

The fact that the video begins with Tracy Lawrence dressed as a pirate who was magically transported back in time to spy on a family is enough to take the day off from work. Eventually, Tracy/the pirate falls in love with this single mom running a farm and they do a lot of chores around the farm before getting all dressed up to head out to a picnic. Though Tracy/the pirate and this woman are madly in love, he sleeps in the barn and eventually leaves her before being struck by lightning again. Absolutely nothing in the video makes sense, which truly makes it a masterpiece.

Joe Diffie // “Pickup Man”

Jackpot! This video features Joe in a field hosting a party and choreographed dance, plus a story. Not to mention– that mullet.

Alan Jackson // “Gone Country”

We begin with Alan Jackson in overalls sans shirt, before meeting up with him in a neon sign graveyard in some heavy fringe. There’s not a strong story to follow, but there are some beauiful images of America. And again, the heavy fringe is front-and-center just where it should be.

John Michael Montgomery // “I Can Love You Like That”

JMM’s classic video follows a couple on their wedding day, as he serenades them in a white leather jacket covered in fringe that reaches to his knees. A lot of tears were shed watching his video 20 years ago.

Tim McGraw // “I Like It I Love It”

Careful, this video could cause some serious motion sickness. Tim takes us behind the scenes of his tour, while his production crew tried out every single editing feature video production offered in 1995. like, every single effect. Some of the camera angles are pretty choice, too. However, there’s more than one shot of Tim dropping it low and that’s hard to not watch again and again– just take a Dramamine.

David Lee Murphy // “Dust On The Bottle”

This is one of those songs that until you read the lyrics and really listen to it, you don’t realize that David Lee Murphy stops by a man named Creole’s house to pick up some homemade wine so he can “treat a lady right.” This song is truly catchy and utterly terrifying. The video features David Lee walking around a town between shots of him sitting on his tailgate singing. Unfortunately, Creole doesn’t make an appearance in the video, but we’ll always have our memories.


Image Source: Curb, Vevo

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