September 8, 2015 - One Country

That Time Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Played Hockey Together

Rumor has it that Carrie Underwood was a pretty decent athlete growing up in Checotah, Oklahoma. It’s fair to assume that she used very few of those skills inside of the hockey rink though. Northeast Oklahoma just isn’t known as a hotbed of hockey superstars. However, after she married NHL player, Mike Fisher, Carrie got used … Read more

5 Things People In Healthy Relationships Say Every Day

We all know that building healthy relationships is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding parts of a happy life. Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual for putting together the ideal partnership, but there are a few simple things you can say to get you on the right track. Try saying a few of … Read more

10 Fall Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden

Although most gardens around the United States begin to slow around September, the South can be a warm-weathered goldmine for fall vegetables. Harvest the remainder of your summer fruits and get ready to fill your table with an abundance of leafy greens this season. 1. Arugula These spicy leaves will add a zing to any salad for … Read more

Ashley Monroe Discusses Dolly Parton as Her Influence

It shouldn’t come as a major surprise to anyone that Ashley Monroe counts Dolly Parton as a major musical influence in her life. Both country music singer-songwriters are from East Tennessee and both stick to their traditional roots in their songs. The real surprise in Monroe‘s stories about Parton is that once, Monroe dressed up … Read more

Kacey Musgraves Shuts Down Twitter Troll

It’s all about social media these days and for one Kacey Musgraves concert attendee, she learned that lesson the hard way. After supposedly missing out on a VIP photo opportunity with everyone’s favorite fringe-wearing country star, this particular fan took to Twitter to blast Kacey and Kacey wasn’t having any of it. @Delialubanovici What good … Read more

Miranda Lambert is Really Feeling Her Feelings

Miranda Lambert has had quite the summer. And though she’s experienced some extremely tough personal hardships, she isn’t running from her fans or feelings– she’s embracing them. Before heading to Syracuse, New York for a show, Miranda took some time to become one with New York City– literally laying down on the sidewalk because she … Read more