5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Boots With Dresses This Fall

In preparation for fall and the gorgeous, cozy fall outfits, we wanted to share with you 5 reasons you should be wearing your boots with dresses. This should give you style inspiration for the fall season so you don’t get stuck in a fashion rut. Boots are our preferred footwear during the fall. With the … Read more

7 Times Miranda Lambert Gave Us Intense FOMO

We just want to be your friend, Miranda. Everytime you post a photo on Instagram we feel like we’ve missed another opportunity to kick it with you. So much FOMO. 7 Times Miranda Lambert Gave Us Intense FOMO: 1. When she casually wished her “friends” Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergera good luck on their upcoming movie release.  Also, she … Read more

10 Manly Literary Figures

Writing isn’t a very manly occupation. Society typically doesn’t associate literary figures with the same level of machismo as firefighters. For every Ernest Hemingway you have dozens of authors who live in one-bedroom apartments that are full of cats and write about nymphs, hobbits, and dragons. 10 Manly Literary Figures: 10. Shel Silverstein Most Notable … Read more

10 Country Music Stars We’d Love to Throw a ‘House Party’ With

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to start hibernating just yet. As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures begin to cool off, parties can now head indoors instead of the boat or patio. Inspired by Sam Hunt’s latest No. 1 hit “House Party,” we’ve decided we want to throw … Read more

5 Things Carrie Underwood Can’t Live Without

Just the like the rest of us, Carrie Underwood has a few things she can’t live without. While we might assume that the reigning queen of country music can’t live without the fancier things in life, it’s really the simple things that keep her going. If you’ve wanted to get to know Carrie Underwood a little … Read more

The Greatest Photo Ever Taken of Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and he couldn’t leave his best friend out of the celebration. That’s right, Dierks brought his beloved dog Jake to the Opry stage with him. There are no words to describe how truly magical this photo is. It has been … Read more

10 Country Songs For People Who “Don’t Like Country Music”

Maybe you have a friend who “does’t like country music” or thinks that country music is “only for country bumpkins who sit on the porch and drink beer to pass the time.” Once upon a time, many years ago, I was that friend, but since then I have changed my tune. Now, as a country music lover … Read more

Garth Brooks Did Something Your Dad Would Totally Do

Remember about a year ago when Garth Brooks came back into all of our lives? Garth didn’t just get back on the stage and release a new album, he also embraced technology and social media. He’s been a wild man on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook over the last 12 months, even signing tweets, “love, g.” … Read more

This Country Music Legend Doesn’t Like Luke Bryan and ‘Those’ Guys

Ray Benson, frontman and co-founder of the iconic country music band, Asleep at the Wheel, is the latest country music legend to express his harsh criticisms on today’s country music. Speaking to the Lowell Sun before a recent show, Benson didn’t hold back. Anything. Not even a little. Safe to say, Ray Benson is not … Read more