Kelsea Ballerini Meets Fashion Designer Nicole Miller

You know you’ve made it when you get to meet your fashion icon. Country music artist Kelsea Ballerini was recently nominated for CMA Awards as Female Vocalist of the Year and Best New Artist, but she turned into a total fan girl when she got to meet fashion designer, Nicole Miller. For those who aren’t sure … Read more

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5 Times Jason Aldean’s Dog Was Totally Over It

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12 Family Halloween Costumes That Will Actually Make You Want to Dress Up

Even you aren’t a family that dresses up for Halloween, you will appreciate these super cute and creative family costumes. It is obvious by the effort put forth, these families believe, “families that dress-up together, stay together.” 1. Beauty and The Beast Pretty sure this guy should get the dad-of-the-year award.   All because she … Read more

10 Fans Who Were More Excited To Meet Mama Swift Than Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is, in many ways, perfect. She continually writes No. 1 hits, is a killer performer and loves her fans and friends well. While these traits seem to flow naturally out of Taylor with the ease and grace of a tall Mother Theresa, there’s no way she’d be so charmingly polarizing without her parents, especially her … Read more

This is What Luke Bryan’s “Strip It Down” Sounds Like on a Saxophone

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Maddie & Tae’s New Single, “Shut Up and Fish” Is a Good One

With a No. 1 single to their name and another Top 10 currently at radio, Maddie & Tae are ready for the deep end with their new single, “Shut Up and Fish.” The tune off their debut album, Start Here and was co-written by the CMA-nominated Vocal Duo of the Year. If you thought “Girl In … Read more

Album Review: Carrie Underwood Delivers Career-Best With ‘Storyteller’

“She’s an outlaw, a quick draw. She’ll take it all, so don’t you fall” reads Carrie Underwood’s commanding opening track “Renegade Runaway,” off her brand-new Storyteller. As she details a woman who is “tough as nails under that corset” and a rather impressive gunslinger (to boot), Underwood declares that assumptions of her own identity are … Read more