Ellen Started a Weird New Fashion Trend Among Country Music Stars

When living in the 21st century, it’s easy, and almost necessary, to become numb to the fast-moving, outlandish, new-age fashion trends that seem to change everyday. Right when we feel like we’ve finally caught up to the latest trends, boom, something new happens. This year alone, we’ve become accustom to (kind of) Miranda Lambert‘s pink … Read more

The One Thing Wedding Guests Do That Ruins Weddings

Two words. Electronic devices. Specifically, cell phones and tablets. While we can’t actually blame the devices, we can blame the guests who are using them. Thomas Stewart, a professional photographer based in Australia, is over guests with cell phones and tablets at weddings. In a 530-word Facebook rant, he asks, no, he begs brides and … Read more

Keith Urban Behaved Badly on Ellen

Ellen has had a lot of success in the 12 years since “The Ellen Show” debuted. She’s interviewed hundreds of stars, introduced new faces into the limelight and honored hometown heroes by allowing them to take a seat on her stage. The 2,000th episode of “The Ellen Show” is coming up soon and the comedian did the most … Read more

Jason Aldean Chose to Wear Blackface as a Part of His Halloween Costume

For the past couple of days in the country music world, a storm has been quietly building and at its center is one of country music’s most massive stars– Jason Aldean. Last week, NashvilleGab broke the story that Aldean sported blackface to a Halloween party and a representative for the superstar has now confirmed to … Read more

20 of Your Favorite Country Stars When They Were Kids

Have you ever wondered how your favorite country stars grew up? Were they always in the spotlight? Did they live in a mansion? Were they always performing? Well, from looking at these pictures and watching these videos, it seems like most of these stars grew up just as awkward as the rest of us. 20 … Read more

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Bombs Recipe

If  you like jalapeno poppers, you are going to love these! The chicken breast gives the appetizer substance making it the perfect substitution for those nights you don’t want a heavy meal. Of course, it also makes a great pre-dinner snack. The combination of chicken, cheddar cheese and parmesan creates a flavor explosion that your … Read more

6 Songs Chris Stapleton Wrote (That You Already Know)

For everyone asking– where did Chris Stapleton from, you’ve been listening to him for years and you didn’t even know it. Chris has written hits for Luke Bryan, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett and more. In fact, Thomas Rhett’s latest No. 1 single, “Crash and Burn,” was written by Chris Stapleton. What! Yes, it’s … Read more

Dustin Lynch Took Luke Bryan for One Hell of a Ride

Dustin Lynch isn’t playing around anymore. He’s ready for the world to know about Luke Bryan’s on-stage truck– “it’s not real,” he says and that’s why he drove his brand new, big-time truck on stage during a recent show in Chicago. Dustin’s truck has two speeds: low and high. Dustin tested out the highway speed … Read more

Chris Janson Gives an Awesome, Harmonica-Infused Performance of “Buy Me a Boat” on Fallon

Sensational and charming country music artist, Chris Janson, recently made his debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” performing a slower, harmonica-infused version of his No. 1 single “Buy Me a Boat” and it was awesome. Performing the title track off his new album Buy Me a Boat, Janson showcases his natural southern twang, crazy harmonica skills … Read more