Charles Kelley is Trying His Hand at Hairdressing

Charles Kelley has assured us that his recent foray into a solo career is not him looking for a new job or a way out of his GRAMMY Award-winning trio, Lady Antebellum. But, lately his Instagram tells a different tale. Like, is he actually going into the hair business? [instagram url= trying to grow my … Read more

Blake Shelton Says He Has Not Recorded a Country Duet with Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton isn’t afraid to share the spotlight on a hit song. Two of his most recent No. 1 hits, “My Eyes” and “Lonely Tonight” feature Gwen Sebastian and Ashley Monroe, but he says he has not recorded a country duet with Gwen Stefani. Blake took a minute before the most recent episode of “The … Read more

Album Review: Old Dominion Dish Up ‘Meat & Candy’

Old Dominion, the band built on Matthew Ramsey’s often urban-powdered vocals and polished Southern Rock musicianship of Brad Tursi on guitar with loads of help from Trevor Rosen (guitar/vocals), Geoff Sprung (bass) and Whit Sellers (drums) have fixed their eyes on the prize. The group’s debut album, Meat and Candy, is tantalizingly sweet but offers up plenty of meat, too. … Read more

Maddie and Tae Premiere “Shut Up and Fish” Lyric Video

Maddie and Tae‘s new single “Shut Up and Fish” is catchy, sassy and, unsurprisingly, lyrically brilliant — what else would we expect form the authors of “Girl in a Country Song?” Throughout the track, Maddie and Tae talk about going fishing with a guy who’s interested in pretty much anything but fishing. What he doesn’t … Read more

Blake Shelton’s Entire “The Voice” Team Advances and They Sang “Lean On Me” (With Blake!)

There’s a reason Blake Shelton has won “The Voice” more than any other coach– he knows talent and he helps promote them more than any other coach. People just rally around what/who Blake rallies around. The three remaining members of #TeamBlake on season nine of “The Voice” each advanced from the Top 12 to the … Read more

16 People Very, Very Excited for a Dixie Chicks Comeback

If you were wondering if the U.S. was ready for a Dixie Chicks comeback, the answer is a resounding yes. With the recent announcement of their 2016 North American tour, fans of the somewhat dormant for a decade, Dixie Chicks took to the Internet and social media to express their excitement. 16 People Very ,Very Excited … Read more

5 Things We Didn’t Know About Carrie Underwood (Until Now)

During a recent performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Carrie Underwood took some time backstage to answer a few questions. The questions seemed pretty normal and mundane– until we heard Carrie‘s answers. Carrie could live for several days off of supplies found in her purse. The most played group on phone is Wham! or New … Read more

A Ranked Guide to Every “Friends” Thanksgiving Episode

At this point in television history, “Friends” is a classic sitcom. More people can quote a line from every single “Friends” episode than can sing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”  It’s ingrained in our growing up years or our moving out years. “Smelly Cat” is the cat we all want and we love “Days of Our Lives” … Read more

Watch Brett Eldredge Perform a Sexy Acoustic Version of “Drunk On Your Love”

Brett Eldredge‘s new single “Drunk On Your Love” has us, well, drunk on his love. This track, which is the second single to be released from his latest album Illinois, has everything we look for in a good song. It’s catchy, the lyrics are smart and, most importantly, Brett sounds incredible and sexy. While we absolutely love … Read more