December 2015 - One Country

5 Most Country Country Music Moments of 2015

2015 was a year country was more country than ever, even in the face of some R&B romancers and the lingering taste of bro-country. Whether it was a surprise album drop or simply some breathtaking performances, country music regained some of its historical perspective through a few current superstars, one pop phenomenon and a living … Read more

Netflix is Helping Parents Trick Their Kids Into Going to Bed Early on New Year’s Eve

For the second year in a row, Netflix is giving parents a brilliant way to get their kids in bed before the clocks strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve — no more tired, whiney children on New Year’s Day. By offering parents a broad selection of three-minute count-down videos that can be streamed at any time, … Read more

Watch Miranda Lambert’s Breathtaking Performance of the Eagles’ “Desperado”

Miranda Lambert took center stage at the Kennedy Center Honors recently to honor Rock and Roll Hall of Famers the Eagles. Although the band members were unable to observe the performances which were given in their honor, the band mates were still recognized and praised at the event. Miranda’s passionate and sincere performance was definitely a stand-out … Read more

Carrie Underwood Got Peed On and Was Totally Cool About It

Country music diva and rockstar mom Carrie Underwood isn’t shy about sharing pictures, videos and memories of her sweet son Isaiah via social media. Whether it’s a video of Isaiah giving his mom slobbery kisses, a snap of him cuddling with his dad or even a short video of him working out with Carrie at the gym, … Read more

5 (Hilarious) New Year’s Resolutions That Should Be Made After the Age of 50

We all know New Year’s resolutions are never (ever) kept. They tend to seem super attainable on January 1, but by around January 2, all hope of accomplishing your new goals has crumbled. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to create of list of resolutions that should be made by the over-50 … Read more

16-Year-Old Nails Cover of RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls”

Adorable 16-year-old country singer Charly Reynolds took the stage at Disney’s Night of Joy recently to perform RaeLynn‘s girl-empowering song “God Made Girls” and she totally nailed it. Even though Charly is only 16, you would never know by her performance. She is strong, confident and owns the stage like a seasoned professional. She even invites the … Read more

A Guide to the Perfect Southern Wine Tour

Looking to plan your next vacation? Maybe a classier way to revisit your beloved college, pub-crawl days? Looks like a beautiful, decadent, landscape-rich Southern Wine Tour may be just what you’re looking for. Because who says California is the only wine region in this country? A Guide to the Perfect Southern Wine Tour: Texas – Becker Vineyards … Read more