20 Manly Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy Your Man

Buying a gift (really, any gift) is hard, but buying a gift for him on Valentine’s Day is even harder. This is simply because men are bad at communicating what they really want. The gift guide below features a well-rounded roster of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that, no matter his tastes, will suit him … Read more

How to Get a Butt Like a Model

Not just any model, a Victoria’s Secret model. According to Gina Papalia and Glamour, Victoria’s Secret models weren’t born with great butts– they worked for it. That makes the likelihood of anyone ever telling me my butt looks like a Victoria’s Secret model slim to none, but these tips do seem doable. The alternate title … Read more

Brett Eldredge Covered Ginuwine’s Super Sexy “Pony”

Brett Eldredge wrapped up his CMT Suits and Boots Tour late last year and he has a couple of months before hitting the road with Keith Urban, but we still have this– his super sexy cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony.” “Pony” was released in 1996 and depending on when you graduated from high school, this song … Read more

5 Beautiful Unity Ceremonies Perfect for Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, there are so many little details to pay attention to and decide on. So much of that attention gets placed on the reception and how to entertain the guests that brides and grooms tend to push off the ceremony details for later. Prioritizing is fantastic and coordinating event after event during … Read more

Someone Filmed 8 Minutes of Dierks Bentley Filming His New Video

Here’s what we know: Dierks Bentley‘s new single is “Somewhere On a Beach,” he filmed the video for the song on a beach and according to Tony Rinella, “Dierks Bently new video of Somewhere on the Beach. We were sitting at a seaside bar in Puerto Moreles Mexico yesterday and this film crew sets up … Read more

Maddie and Tae to Fill in for Tyler Farr on Lee Brice’s 2016 Tour

Country artist Lee Brice and good friend Tyler Farr were all set to hit the road on Brice’s 2016 Life Off My Tears tour when they got the news that Farr was going to have to step out due to micro laryngeal surgery to remove a vocal polyp on his vocal chords. Farr announced the surgery via Twitter … Read more

Mike Huckabee Parodies Adele’s “Hello” for Presidential Campaign

Let’s get this straight– everything I am about to write is about this video, not politics. Mike Huckabee hails from the same great state I do– Arkansas. In some weird twist of being an Arkansas governor, Huckabee happens to be a musician, just like one of our other most well-known governors, President William Jefferson Clinton. … Read more