This is How to Recreate Taylor Swift’s Signature Makeup Look

It’s no secret that infamous pop star Taylor Swift is one insanely beautiful and stylish woman. With her ever-changing outfits, killer hairstyles and continuously on-point makeup, Taylor has this whole fashion thing figured out — and we’re super jealous. But now, by following this super simple Taylor-transformation tutorial created by beauty blogger “PONY Makeup,” we … Read more

Cole Swindell Takes Us Behind the Scenes of His Opry Performance

Though it wasn’t his first time to play the Grand Ole Opry, Cole Swindell still got chills as he and his band were preparing for their performance last Saturday night. “The feelin’ you get when you’re playing the Opry, I’m not used to it,” he said of the evening. Swindell‘s hit song “You Should Be … Read more

Randy Houser Defends Bro Country: “People Need To Lighten The Hell Up”

In a recent interview with, a fired-up Randy Houser responded to critics regarding bro-country. Houser defended the subject matter of his songs as well as fellow superstar Luke Bryan’s catalog by pointing out that they are at least authentic. “Let me tell you something, the reason the music is so popular is because that’s … Read more

A Definitive Ranking of the 10 Best and Most Hilarious “American Idol” Moments

In honor of it being the 15th and final season of the legendary “American Idol,” we think it’s only fair to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the best, the worst and the most hilarious moments in “Idol” history. From goofy, cringe-worthy auditions from the likes of William Hung and … Read more