Remember When George Strait Recorded Two Songs With the Same Name?

Did you know that George Strait recorded two separate songs called “She’ll Leave You With a Smile“? We’re talking about two completely different songs with the exact same name. One version was included on the 2001 album, The Road Less Traveled. This is the version you probably know, because it became King George’s 38th No. … Read more

10 Tim McGraw Songs You Forgot You Loved

Tim McGraw has a lot of Tim McGraw songs in his catalog

Early Tim McGraw is my favorite McGraw. “Humble and Kind” is great, but there’s something about those songs that take me back to another place and an another time. I think of old friends or past memories whenever I hear them. There’s the tale of a lover who “Can’t Be Really Gone,” and one who … Read more

The Iconic “Full House” Home Is Now For Sale (and It’s a Whopping $4 Million)

It has finally happened folks. The iconic, beloved Tanner family home (that was basically all of America’s home in the ’90s) is up for sale — and it can be yours for a cool $4.15 million! Insert cringe-face emoji. While the outside of the house is still recognizable, minus the red door, the inside … Read more

Adele Stopped Mid-Concert to Ask a Woman to “Stop Filming” Her

Throughout her 2016 tour, we’ve seen and heard about a lot of candid, unfiltered moments from our favorite British pop icon Adele. From her hilarious twerk-session on stage in London, to the time she pulled a couple on stage for an impromptu proposal in England, to her poignant message to the terrorists in Brussels, to … Read more

See 103 Years of Male Pop Stars in Two Minutes

Much like female pop stars, the evolution of male pop stars over the last 103 years has been ground-breaking, consistent and ever-changing. From the industry’s wholesome firsts like Joe “King” Oliver and Duke Ellington, to groundbreakers like Elvis, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Prince, to today’s Kanye West and Justin Bieber, what we have come … Read more

7 Reasons Keith Urban’s ‘Golden Road’ Album is Perfect

Golden Road is arguably Keith Urban‘s best album. Now, we’re not saying that Keith hasn’t been putting out amazing albums for years now, but all the stars aligned with Golden Road. So, here’s why you should dig out your old CD and give it a new listen. 7 Reasons Keith Urban’s Golden Road Album is … Read more

5 Songs From Carrie Underwood’s Debut Album We Still Have on Repeat

Carrie Underwood has consistently churned out some amazing hits throughout her incredibly successful career, but there are a few classic cuts from her debut album that are still near and very dear to our hearts. While Carrie’s radio-hits from Some Hearts were obviously top notch, here are five albums cuts that we’ve playing so often … Read more

7 News Sources That Think Blake Shelton Proposed to Gwen Stefani

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably heard the rumor about country icon Blake Shelton‘s recent proposal to girlfriend and pop queen Gwen Stefani. According to many news sources, the alleged proposal was done at Gwen’s L.A. home over a bucket of KFC fried chicken and, ultimately, ended with a “no” from Gwen … Read more

Gwen Stefani’s Son Just Fulfilled All of Our Wildest Dreams in One Short Day

I don’t know about you, but my 10th birthday was defined by cheap sheet cake, a few “Happy Birthday” balloons and a Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit — a classic, anything but noteworthy elementary school birthday bash. But for Gwen Stefani‘s son Kingston, the celebration of his 10th birthday was chock-full of spectacular things like helicopters, dune … Read more