Keith Urban Suffered a Bad Back Injury While Cutting His Toenails

It’s always good to be Keith Urban. Currently, the country music superstar has a record-setting 35 Top 10 hits to his name, he’s selling out arenas on his Ripcord World Tour and his family is happy and healthy. View this post on Instagram Thank you to everyone who came out in West Palm Beach tonight, … Read more

5 Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Charleston

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Christina Aguilera Releases New Song to Benefit the Victims of the Orlando Shooting

Pop sensation Christina Aguilera recently released a super touching, super emotional single called “Change” in order to benefit the victims of the Orlando mass shooting. The 35-year old artist announced the single via Instagram saying, “We are all in this together, as one, united in love. xo“ Christina also took to her website to share … Read more

These Sweet Potato Fries Might Be Your Easiest Side Dish Yet

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23 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Sia

Most people only know pop star Sia as the woman who wears crazy wigs, doesn’t show her face in public and features former “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler in all her videos, but, in all reality, the 40-year-old artist has had a much bigger influence on the world of music and entertainment than you probably … Read more

12 Hilarious Confessions From Desperate Moms in Desperate Times

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We (Kind Of) Took a Ride on Dierks Bentley’s Plane

The Captain of Country Music, Dierks Bentley, recently took fans on a little ride airplane ride, and it was kind of like a real-life “Top Gun” experience. Kind of. With the background music of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” Bentley posted a video of his flight landing at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. Flying over … Read more

Luke Bryan Announces New EP for This Year’s Farm Tour

Luke Bryan has announced a brand new EP coming out this fall as a companion piece to his Farm Tour— Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer. The new EP, Bryan’s eighth, will come out Sept. 23 and features five all-new songs. The news came from Bryan while he was co-hosting NBC’s “Today Show.“ This is the … Read more

15 Funny Things Joel McHale Asked/Said During Super Long Interview with Florida Georgia Line

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9 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm On The Fourth Of July

Independence Day weekend is a time of family, celebration, and excitement for humans. But for your furry friend, it can sound like the world is ending. From dogs that bark all night, to those that have panic attacks at the sound of fireworks, it’s easy to see how stressful our celebrations are for your pet. … Read more

Stephen Colbert and Demi Lovato Participate in (and Totally Crush) the 30-Second “Star-Spangled Banner” Challenge

While visiting the set of “The Late Show” recently, soulful pop singer Demi Lovato joined late night show host Stephen Colbert in “The Star-Spangled Banner” Challenge, where they had to sing the national anthem in 30 seconds or less. And the two totally crushed it. Even though she was singing the tune at super-speed, Demi … Read more