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You’ll Be Eating This Tomato Caprese Toast All Summer Long

It can’t be denied that fresh tomatoes in the summer are just about the best thing since sliced bread. Sweet, savory, and just a bit twangy, these tomatoes pair well with just about anything. But one of our favorite ways to eat tomatoes is with a side of fresh mozzarella cheese. Yes, the standard caprese. … Read more

6 Super Heartwarming Things on Luke Bryan’s Bucket List

Say what you want about Luke Bryan and his hips, but it’s hard to deny the fact that he’s the real deal. No one talks about their family more or with more sincerity than Luke and it’s not a schtick. If you weren’t aware, Luke’s life, even lately, hasn’t been all mega-hits and big-time tours. … Read more

Sam Hunt Explains “Bro-Hug” and How to Perfectly Execute One

Sam Hunt is a bro. And in this case, “bro” isn’t derogatory. During a recent interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, Sam explained the “bro-hug” and how to properly execute one. Bro-Hug Execution Plan: 1. Start with a handshake.2. Maintain hand connection.3. Bring in for the hug.4. Front of your bodies shouldn’t touch. Giphy

David Nail’s “Good at Tonight” Features the Brothers Osborne and is Better Than Good

Somehow, David Nail is still one of Nashville’s best kept secrets. But, as his current single, “Night’s On Fire” moves up the charts, the super-talented vocalist and brand new dad to twins, won’t be under the radar for much longer, especially when fans hear his new work from Fighter, due out July 15. Nail’s preview … Read more

Brad Paisley Starts GoFundMe Page For Victims of West Virginia Floods

On June 23, West Virginia experienced flooding that devastated the land and the lives of countless residents, and Brad Paisley is doing all he can to lend a helping hand. The 43-year-old artist announced today that he has started a GoFundMe page for the flood victims of his home state of West Virginia. “Now that … Read more

Soulful Singer Earns Standing Ovation For Moving Performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love”

When watching “America’s Got Talent,” you expect to see acts that make you laugh, cry, cheer and celebrate, but it’s not often that you watch auditions that are so good, they invoke all four emotions — plus goose bumps. But on a recent episode of the show, a man name Brian Justin Crum did just … Read more

Meteorite Illuminating Powder Brings Space To Your Face

Okay, so we’re being a little bit facetious. But really, this stuff is pretty incredible. Hand-shaped into little pearls, this illuminating powder is the perfect solution to your highlighting needs. And frankly, it’s just plain awesome. Sephora Sephora claims that each pearl incorporates exclusive Stardust Technology, which basically means that spherical pigments of reflecting material … Read more

Dolly Parton’s Amazing Perspective on the Presidential Election May Help Yours

Dolly Parton has been around a while. Both literally and figuratively. Literally, she’s 70 years old. Figuratively in the sense that she’s so unbelievable she doesn’t seem real and that maybe she’s actually a character someone made up and she’s just been around forever in our minds. Dolly has built a career on being herself … Read more

7 Chick Flicks The Bros of Reddit Actually Like

In 2015 the “Men of Reddit” were asked, “What chick flicks do you actually enjoy watching?” Thus begins one of the most entertaining Reddit threads in recent memory. Who knew the Subreddit could quote entire movies by heart? We’ve picked some of their favorite movies and lined them up with their hilarious commentary for your … Read more