Brandy Clark’s Acoustic Version of “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven” Will Bring You To Tears

Brandy Clark‘s sophomore album, Big Day In A Small Town, was released in June and from that record, the 11th and final track might be the most inspirational. Written about her father who passed away after a logging accident, the song is really moving. It was co-penned by Clark and Shane McAnally and discusses what … Read more

13 Songs for Anyone Leaving Home

Whether or leaving home for the first time or the 10th, it’s an emotional experience that pulls you in many different directions. Going to college or just moving out of your parent’s house is an exciting step in growing up. At the same time, though, there’s fear and sadness. Life will never be the same. … Read more

Here’s How To Make Wearable Polish Mountain Nails

Polish mountains are hardly something we’d want to wear. Multiple coats piled on nails? No thank you. But they can sometimes look really cool, so why not have optical illusion nails that can recreate the effect in a more practical way? This YouTuber has done exactly that, recreating her rainbow polish mountain with normal coats … Read more

Irish People Try American Beers And They’re Pretty Skeptical Of Them

The Irish love to drink. Stereotypically, anyway. But we’re not sure they love to drink these popular American beers. These are beers every American will recognize, and most of the Irish recognize them too, but not in a good way. Most of the beers are met with disdain or comments about American frat parties, but … Read more

9 Songs That Date Themselves

You probably don’t realize how much technology there is in country music. Over the past 60 years, America has grown leaps and bounds. The advances in simple technologies has become part of our culture and thus part of our music. Here is a list of songs — while still being completely awesome — date themselves … Read more

Irish People Try American Cocktails And They’re Pretty Impressed

The Irish are famed for their drinking prowess, but who knew we could teach them a thing or two about well done cocktails? These Irish guinea pigs take one for the team and try out several famed American cocktails, and overall, they were pretty impressed. The Long Island was a big hit, although we did … Read more

Sturgill Simpson Blows Jimmy Fallon Away With “All Around You”

Sturgill Simpson and his soulful, classic country music vibe returned to “The Tonight Show” recently to perform “All Around You.” The tune is featured on Simpson’s Billboard-topping A Sailor’s Guide to Earth album. Simpson was joined by his core touring band and the Dap-Kings, who also performed on the album. Fallon called Simpson a “country … Read more

Replace Your Boring Toast Routine With This Amazing Avocado Toast

Toast isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It can be bland, unsatisfying, and generally a placeholder for something much better. Fortunately, we have that something that’s much better. This avocado toast is stacked with layers of delicious and refreshing vegetables, eggs, and shallots, making for a high protein way to enjoy your morning. Try … Read more

Reese Witherspoon Relives Past Movie Moments During Hilarious “Sweet Phone Alabama” Challenge

Over the course of her ultra-successful career, actress and proud Southern girl Reese Witherspoon has starred in some of this generation’s greatest movies. From playing the iconic Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde,” to the strong-willed Tracy Flick in “Election,” to hard-headed Melanie in “Sweet Home Alabama,” to the awe-inspiring Cheryl Strayed in “Wild,” Reese has … Read more

3 Tips For Drunk Tweeting From Blake Shelton

You don’t have to follow Blake Shelton on Twitter to know that he’s pretty dang entertaining. But, just to catch you up real quick, here’s a taste. So, how does Shelton do it? How does he post tweet after tweet after tweet? Billboard asked Shelton about his top tips to drunk tweeting, and I’ve got … Read more

This Video of Ellen’s Favorite Kids Is the Only Thing You Need To See Today

It’s no secret that comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres has a soft spot in her heart for kids. Even though she doesn’t have any of her own and often jokes about not liking them, she regularly features talented youngsters on her uber-popular “The Ellen Show.” Recently, the 58-year-old talent released a compilation video … Read more

Cara Delevingne’s Prank On Taylor Swift’s #GirlSquad Didn’t Go Over Too Well

Over this past Fourth of July weekend, pop icon Taylor Swift threw the party of all parties. It was complete with a “Tay-Merica” water slide, some sexy beach time, Fourth of July tattoos and an extensive list of A-list celebrities. Here’s a picture, just so you can get an idea of the epicness of the … Read more