All You Need To Know About Switchel, The Latest Popular Wellness Drink

Kombucha and coconut water haven’t quite had their day yet, but Switchel is soaring into the spotlight as a healthy way to rehydrate post workout. As long as you’re willing to throw $5 at a glass, that is. Switchel takes health food’s most popular panacea ingredients like water, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and natural sweetener, … Read more

Zac Brown Band and Drake White Nail A Cover of John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane”

Concert goers in New York were treated to a special cover during a recent Zac Brown Band Concert. As Zac played the first chords, the crowd went nuts when they realized it was “Jack and Diane,” originally performed by John Mellencamp. Joining the band on stage was opening act, Drake White who took turns singing … Read more

Justin Timberlake Receives Teen Choice Decade Award, Gives Powerful Message On Diversity During Acceptance Speech

King of pop, actor, father and comedian (not really, but he should be) Justin Timberlake was honored at this year’s Teen Choice Awards with the Decade Award, an award that recognizes him for the years of influence and success he’s had in the industry. Ever since entering the spotlight in 2006, Justin has been on … Read more

19 (More) Times Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins Were Total #RelationshipGoals

Out of all the cute, enviable, loving country music couples out there, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins have to be my very favorite. Not only are they adorable, beautiful and completely aww-worthy, but they’re authentic, relatable and totally down-to-Earth. I also love that they’ve been friends since the first grade. How adorable is that? Through … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini Announces First Headlining Tour

Platinum-selling country music cutie Kelsea Ballerini has achieved yet another milestone on her way to superstardom by announcing her first-ever headlining tour, appropriately entitled the First Time Tour. “I’ve been blessed to open for so many incredible artists and people I admire. Getting to watch their shows and learn more about our craft has inspired … Read more

Watermelon Salsa Is A New Way To Eat An Old Favorite

Who doesn’t like salsa, honestly? Even if you’re not a big fan of spice, salsas can be tailored to your preferences, making them the perfect versatile snack for any party or get together. This watermelon salsa is a new take on an old recipe, and it’ll quickly become your favorite kind of salsa to pile … Read more

Tim McGraw Falls Off Stage, But Recovers Like the True Champ He Is

Tim McGraw took an embarrassing fall recently, and now that he’s okay, I have to say it was pretty funny. The 49-year old was performing “All I Want Is a Life” at the Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena when he moved away from the railing and missed a step. After disappearing for a quick second, … Read more

9 More Picture of Brett Eldredge and His Puppy That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Brett Eldredge has been making hearts palpitate for a while now. He’s got those eyes and that voice. It’s like every song he sings he’s singing right to you. A couple of weeks ago, Brett added Edgar to his family. Now, hearts are skipping for another reason– a hot guy got a puppy. 9 More … Read more

This Non-Alcoholic Piña Colada Smoothie Looks And Tastes Just Like The Real Thing

It’s hard to resist a good piña colada. They’re the perfect combination of sweet, tropical, and fruity, and they really hit the spot on a warm day. Fortunately, you can skip the alcohol and still enjoy a delicious piña colada, any time of day. This recipe is made with real fruit, and tastes just like … Read more

This Scrambled Egg Sandwich Is That Weird Breakfast Sandwich You’ll Want To Keep Eating

A scrambled egg sandwich is not exactly something that comes to mind when you’re looking for a way to have breakfast on the go. After all, how can something so simple be so good? This scrambled egg sandwich is a bit of a spin on the traditional egg sandwich, featuring mayonnaise, mustard, and tomatoes. Quick, … Read more

What is Seriously Going on With These Videos from The Band Perry?

I think I don’t mind The Band Perry’s new single “Comeback Kid.” It’s a slow ballad that features sister Kimberly on lead vocals singing about a really tough year. What I’m not totally sure about are these videos– the siblings are all rockin’ brown locks, wearing white and eating a milkshake? This one features Kimberly‘s … Read more