Can You Dupe A $20 Beauty Blender With A $4 Drugstore Sponge?

When you’re on a budget, even the smallest details can make a difference. Beauty blenders are a necessary part of any good foundation application, but do you really need to spend $20 on one little sponge? Well, yes and no. Check out this video test of two very different beauty blenders for an unbiased take … Read more

11 Sports That Should Be In the Olympics

It’s no secret that the Olympic games already include a long list of diverse sports. From archery, to judo, to handball, to synchronized swimming, there’s an activity for everyone– but, I want more. Personally, I would like to see a few activities that are a little bit more off-the-grid — for example, Olympic bowling, Olympic … Read more

Make Your Own Bubble Tea With This Super Simple Tutorial

Bubble tea is all the rage in up and coming metropolitan areas. This Asian drink category includes teas with milk added, fruit smoothies, and an assortment of tapioca balls and jellies that are put into the bottom of the drink to be consumed through an extra large straw (where the balls are referred to as … Read more

10 Country-Pop Collaborations We’d Love To See

Country music has a long-standing tradition of teaming up with pop and rock musicians, but lately there seems to be a new trend of today’s country titans seeking Top 40 talent for help on new singles. Already this year, we have Elle King joining forces with Dierks Bentley on “Different for Girls,” pop-rocker P!nk lending … Read more

6 Medal Worthy Faces By Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has made a comeback in the Rio Olympics after recently coming out of retirement, scoring yet another gold medal already in the Mens 4x100m freestyle relay. Phelps could potentially win 6 more gold medals in 6 different races. As prolific as Phelps is in the pool, though, his game face might be even … Read more

NSYNC Reunited For JC Chasez’s 40th Birthday and It Was the Sweetest Thing

As an answer to all our prayers and straight out of all our dreams, the boys of NSYNC have reunited. No, they aren’t planning on going on a reunion tour (at least not that I know of) or anything like that, but all the five of the talents, including Justin Timberlake, did hang out and … Read more

Whether You’re A Mom, Kid, Or Somewhere In Between, This Back To School Look Has You Covered

Unfortunately for the kiddos, school looms ahead in the coming weeks. Gone are the days of lazing around the house, playing video games, driving mom nuts, and no longer having to worry about a bedtime. This is all bad news for kids, but excellent news for parents, who are likely ready for their household to … Read more

This 3D Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial Will Bring Out Your Classy Side

Many of us have grandmothers or mothers who have that classic broach or pin sitting in their jewelry box. These things were the epitome of style back in the day, and they’re still that way today. If anything, their age has given them even more class, as the classic broach has aged well, even if … Read more

Blake Shelton Gives an Inside Look at What It Takes to Plan a Tour

To us, the fans, the show that takes place on an artist’s tour stop looks fun, flawless and, for the most part, super easy — but, in reality, it’s anything but. Typically, the process that goes into planning a tour is tough, intricate and takes a ton of time. In a recent behind-the-scenes video, country … Read more

Country Stars Play Six Degrees of Separation From Vince Gill

After nearly four decades of influence and contributions to the country music industry, Vince Gill has become one of the most recognizable, well-respected and connected people in the business — like, he knows everyone. So, in honor of the 59-year-old artist’s 25th anniversary of being a member of the Grand Ole Opry, country stars and … Read more