Guacamole Deviled Eggs Will Be Your New Favorite Treat

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I might be the biggest deviled egg fan on the planet. Deviled eggs aren’t the quickest thing to make in the world, but the taste is always completely worth it. There’s something about the mix of creamy filling with the outside hard boiled egg that’s … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Belting the Lyrics to “Rolling in the Deep” at Adele’s Concert Is All of Us

In this day and age, Jennifer Lopez and Adele are unarguably two of the biggest pop stars in the world. Combined, they have released nearly 60 singles, sold 155 million records and recorded 11 studio albums — impressive. So, when you put the two mega-stars in one room, magic is bound to happen, right? Well, … Read more

Kenny Chesney Says Working With P!nk Was ‘Magic’

Kenny Chesney has a new single and he’s absolutely thrilled with his collaborator. The Tennessee native teamed with pop star P!nk for “Setting the world on Fire” and says their time together was “magic.” “I spent a lot of time last fall in California,” Kenny explains. “And one afternoon I drove down the Pacific Coast … Read more

Instant Eyebrows In A Bottle:  Does It Work?

We’ve tried a lot of things in our search for the perfect brows. Powders, concealers, stamps, and other strange products decorate our makeup bags, most of them failures. After all, it’s kind of hard to emulate the perfect brow. For those of us not blessed with naturally thick, full, and well shaped brows, it makes … Read more

Maddie & Tae Reveal Fun Fall Fashion Collection

If you’ve ever wanted to emulate Maddie & Tae‘s look, now you can. The duo have teamed with Bloomingdale’s for a collection with the company’s in-house brand AQUA for fall 2016. “AQUA does everything girls like us want!” says Maddie Marlow. “Super-fun pieces and stuff that’s hip without screaming ‘fashion victim’ – things you can … Read more

11 Songs for Building Up Your Self Esteem

Life can be tough. Big tragedies can break you down but so can small failures, especially if they come back to back. It can be difficult to remember that you have value. So, here are a few songs that will help you build yourself back up. 1. “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” — … Read more

Let These Tornado Hot Dogs Twist It Up In Your Kitchen Tonight

Tornado hot dogs. New trend or dangerous weather pattern? Fortunately, all you have to worry about with these things is how fast they disappear. These hot dogs are made by carefully cutting a spiral into a skewered hot dog, a feat that sounds a lot more complicated than it is in reality. If you’ve got … Read more

Mila Kunis Refuses to Raise Spoiled, Entitled Children

Mila Kunis may have starred in “Bad Moms,” but, in reality, she is anything but. Both she and husband Ashton Kutcher put a lot of thought and effort into raising their daughter to be a good, honest person. Before they even had kids, the couple discussed the kind of techniques they could employee to instill … Read more

Watch 100 Years Of Maternity Style Evolve In This Video

It’s hard staying stylish when you’ve got a baby growing inside you. After all, it’s tough enough to get to your feet, walk, eat, sleep, and do all of the stuff that most people take for granted. Seriously, shoutout to the former stomach sleepers; blooming motherhood can’t be kind to you at night. Regardless of … Read more