Foiled Lip Tattoos Might Not Be The Best Purchase In The World

It’s easy to get caught up in marketing gimmicks online. With Amazon and Prime Shipping at our unlimited disposal, suddenly very bad ideas seem to be kind of okay ideas. This foiled lip tattoo kit is one of those ideas. The basic premise is to essentially glue a colored piece of foil onto your lips, … Read more

Tim Tebow Hit a Home Run During First Pro At Bat, So We Should All Try Out Our Childhood Dreams Again

You know what they say, if you win the Heisman trophy, but have fledgling success as an NFL quarterback, you should probably wait a few years and try to be a professional baseball player. Tim Tebow took the advice of “they,” got a contract with the New York Mets and hit a home run during … Read more

Frustrated Mom Preaches About What It Really Means To Love Your Kids With Ice Cream, Chocolate, And Wine In Tow

Parenting is hard, even in the best of times. But when your kids are mad at you, it might be even tougher. After all, most of us want to be liked by our kids. But this mom is pretty much done with that crap. With a tub of ice cream in hand and a glass … Read more

8 Pretty Funny Moments from “Saturday Night Live” That Make Us Excited for The 42nd Season Premiere

If we’re being honest, we’re pretty excited about the 42nd season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.” After all, it is an election year and Kate McKinnon just won an EMMY for hilarious portrayal of Hillary Clinton. You never know who’s going to turn up around 30 Rockefeller Plaza on any given Saturday night, so even … Read more

Kids Try 100 Years of Airline Food and They’re Like, “What Is This Garbage We Get Now?”

I don’t know about you, but literally every time I get on a plane, I’m instantly hungry. My theory is that it’s Pavlov’s Dog kind of situation because I’ve been trained my whole life to snack when I’m on a flight… Regardless, I’m always super disappointed when all I get is a tiny bag of … Read more

Dolly Parton Reminisces About Her First Performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Shares the Best Advice She’s Ever Gotten

In my mind, country wouldn’t be country without Dolly Parton. Not only has she brought an immeasurable amount of talent and lyrical genius to the genre, but she’s had a hand in making the business what it is today. Because of this, I often forget that there was a time before she was a household … Read more

Maren Morris’ Acoustic Version of “’80s Mercedes” is Really, Really, Really Good

It’s been one hell of year for Maren Morris and by the time it’s all over, she could end up with an actual ‘80s Mercedes in her garage. That is, if she wants one, because right now, Maren can do just about anything she wants. Her most recent feat was a songwriters’ night in Akron, … Read more

2 Vegetarian Toasted Sandwiches That Will Change Your Lunchtime

Sandwiches are a pretty standard part of every lunch time, but we often overlook their toasted cousin. These toasted sandwiches might have you rethinking your love of meat, with savory caramelized onions combined with sautéed mushrooms. When you need a hot sandwich but you want to eat light, think about these 2 fantastic sandwiches. You won’t be disappointed.

Women Finally Receive The Brows Of Their Dreams And Their Reactions Are Priceless

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After You Hear Little Big Town Cover Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'” You Will Be a Different Person

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