Kids Give Adults Haircuts, And They’re Pretty Brutal About It

Kids are notorious for saying whatever comes to mind, and these kids are pretty typical in that regard. From one girl saying how ugly her client was, to a boy talking about the love of his life, these kids were pretty frank with their haircut clients. Surprisingly, their haircuts weren’t the worst in the world, … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Weight of These Wings’ Will Actually Be TWO DISCS

Hot damn! Miranda Lambert isn’t just releasing her first studio album in 2 years, she’s releasing a double album, consisting of 24 songs. 24 brand new songs. Lambert has given each disc on Weight of These Wings has its own specific title; Disc 1 will be titled The Nerve and Disc 2 The Heart. View … Read more

3 Easy Bourbon Recipes That Will Celebrate Your Fall In Style

Fall is the season for warm drinks, and fortunately, that includes cocktails. These bourbon cocktails will warm you up in the tastiest way possible, making them perfect for any cool weekend. Check them out. Apple Pie Bourbon Ingredients: 1 1/2 c. bourbon 2 apples (green and red), chopped 3 sugar cubes 1 whole nutmeg, slightly … Read more

Jimmy Fallon and Olivia Newton-John Sang “You’re The One That I Want” Together and We’ve Never Loved Anything More

You know when “Grease” ends and everyone makes that tunnel for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to walk through as they’re singing and dancing? And in your dreams, you always imagined you’d go to a carnival or fair one day and get to re-enact that moment for yourself? Well, Jimmy Fallon actually did it. Mostly. … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Once Butchered Barack Obama’s Name and She’s Still Completely Embarrassed About It

Kelly Clarkson performed at Barack Obama‘s second presidential inauguration but there was a time when she had no idea who he was … or how to pronounce his name. “I’m completely butchered it,” she told Seth Meyers. She could remember that it sounded like “Osama” and that he’d written a book, but she confused the … Read more

Kim Kardashian Says Her Daughter Always Asks Her to Stop Singing

If you haven’t been keeping up with Kim Kardashian-West, you may not remember that in 2010, like many other reality TV stars had done before her and since, she released a song. “Jam (Turn It Up)” was awful. The song was so bad that Kim even told Andy Cohen it’s one of her biggest regrets … Read more

#MyDumbArgument Tweets We’ve All Probably Had Before

Arguments are one of those things that make a lot of sense at the time you’re having them, but very little after the argument is over. In this latest round of his hashtags section, Jimmy Fallon reacts to some of the dumbest arguments people have had, and they’re actually really dumb. From a guy who … Read more

“Double Dare” is Coming Back for One Night Only, ’90s Kids Rejoice

“Double Dare” is coming back and I couldn’t be happier. CNN reports that a half-hour special in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary will air on Nov. 23. Host Marc Summers, co-host Robin Marella and announcer John Harvey are all expected to appear. “Double Dare was the show for a particular generation,” said Summers. “For … Read more

Take a Tour of Martina McBride’s Ghost-Free Home

Martina McBride lives in a beautiful, six-bedroom home just a few miles from downtown Nashville. McBride and her husband purchased the home 16 years ago and started renovations on the neoclassical home, which was built in 1917. And like most things McBride does, she wanted the home to feel warm, inviting, “like someone giving you … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Refuses to Schedule Sex With Her Husband, She Prefers to Be Spontaneous

Kelly Clarkson doesn’t schedule sex with her husband Brandon Blackstock. “It’s just key for us,” she told the ladies of “The View.” “It comes back to the whole Oxygen mask thing: ‘save your self then save the children.’ We’re going to be bad parents if we’re not sexually pleased and we’re not having a good … Read more

Dierks Bentley Spent His Day Off Fishing With His Son Knox Who Seemed Quite Disturbed By the Whole Process

Dierks Bentley had a day off this week. Like a good dad, he took his youngest (and only son) Knox out for a little fishing lesson. By the looks of it, though, Knox wasn’t too thrilled to see his father holding their winnings for this picture. It’s cool, Knox, you don’t have to eat it. … Read more

4 Sliders Recipes That Will Make Your Gameday Easy

Whether you’re trying to get food on the table before the game, or your kiddo has a game and you’re trying to fill bellies before getting out the door, sliders make for the perfect solution. These sliders make for an easy pop in the oven and go kind of meal, and they’re delicious to boot. … Read more