Blake Lively Says She and Ryan Reynolds Fell in Love While on a Double Date Together, But with Different People

Although actors (and total babes) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have known each other for years (think “Green Lantern”), things between the two of them haven’t always been hot and heavy. In the beginning, Blake basically saw Ryan as someone who could set her up on dates and inform her about movie castings. It wasn’t … Read more

No Matter The Season, These Nails Make For A Gorgeous Addition To Your Outfit

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, look no further than these gorgeous nails. Subtle, glossy, and full of classy glitter, these will go with just about anything, and they’re much easier to put together than you might think. Check them out and let them be your fashion statement of … Read more

Blake Shelton Gives Flirty Performance Of “A Guy With A Girl”

Blake Shelton‘s latest single is called “A Guy With A Girl” and it’s all about girlfriend Gwen Stefani. During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Blake talked about the single saying, “You see how it is when you’re standing in the grocery store with he… It’s literally like I’m not even there. It’s Gwen!” I … Read more

Lionel Richie Joined Luke Bryan for Surprise Performance and to Help the Crowd “Make Some Babies”

Luke Bryan closed out 2016 in Las Vegas and decided to really go out with a bang by inviting his musical hero Lionel Richie to sing with him. Richie revealed to the crowd, “Every time I get a notice, they say Luke is at one of … his shows doing one of my songs. So … Read more

Is This Definite Proof That Justin Timberlake Might Be the Most Talented Man in the World?

We know Justin Timberlake is a triple threat– singer, dancer, actor. But, he’s also a songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, mixologist, fashion designer and has killer comedic timing. But, is he the most talented man in the world? Can he do it all? Let’s not forget– he’s also very good looking. JT recently hit a shot from … Read more

Jennifer Nettles Just Tweeted the Most Accurate Tweet of Our Lifetime

I’m ready to make 2017 all about Jennifer Nettles. She’s one talented and hilarious lady who doesn’t get enough credit for being talented and hilarious (I think it’s the accent). It is January and everyone, especially everyone on the Internet is embarking on their “new year, new me” mantra, but I’m mostly into Jennifer’s super … Read more