Dierks Bentley Got Naked and Put the Video on Facebook

Remember when Dierks Bentley did the Polar Plunge and we thought he was crazy for it? Well, he’s done it again — but this time, in a frozen bath. While in Dayton, Ohio recently, the 41-year-old singer filled a tub with ice and water, and then sat in it for 15 (!!!) minutes. The reason? … Read more

Holographic Lip Tint Might Be One Of The Weirdest Products We’ve Seen

We’ve seen a lot of weird beauty products in our days, but this one might take the cake. This holographic lip tint goes over any color of lip product you’ve already applied to your lips, then turns it holographic. So essentially you can take your favorite lip product and make it shine. Sounds like an … Read more

Matthew McConaughey’s Dad Once Won a Motorcycle in a Peeing Contest

Being the country boy he is, world-renowned actor Matthew McConaughey grew up doing country boy things — like competing in peeing contests. During his most recent visit to “The Graham Norton Show,” the 47-year-old Texas-native told a story of the time his dad (or more, his brother) won a motorcycle by peeing over a 6 … Read more

Make Your Night A Little Classier With The Tam O’Shanter Cocktail

If you’re thirsty for the perfect cocktail this weekend, look no further than the classic o’shanter cocktail, made with scotch whisky, red wine, and orange bitters. This cocktail is perfect for any evening occasion, and can really class your night up. This cocktail was made to celebrate Burns Night this year. Check it out. Tam … Read more

Old Dominion Performs “Song for Another Time” on “Ellen”

Country-rock band Old Dominion made their “Ellen Show” debut recently by performing their latest hit “Song for Another Time.” The talented group put on an impressive, electric guitar-infused performance that made it look like they’d been performing on the “Ellen” stage for years. Take a listen.

Dierks Bentley Adds Summer Dates to His 2017 What the Hell World Tour

Making plans for this summer? Add Dierks Bentley to your list. The 2017 What the Hell World Tour just kicked off, but the singer-songwriter is already adding more dates. “The show last night – and even just being with Cole and Pardi hanging off stage the last few days – has me so pumped for … Read more

15 Best Netflix Original Series Streaming Right Now

In this day and age, Netflix is most widely known for the plethora of addictive TV shows it releases each month — and rightly so. With shows like “Orange is the New Black,” “Stranger Things,” “OA,” “House of Cards,” “Black Mirror” and more, their reputation as a series-streaming destination is accurate. But, with what seems … Read more