Connie Britton Isn’t Saying She Won’t Come Back to “Nashville” as Rayna’s Evil Twin

Connie Britton made her first public appearance since the death of Rayna James on “Nashville” and Stephen Colbert presented her with an interesting option for returning to the show. First, Colbert wanted to confirm, several times, that Rayna was actually and totally dead. “She’s really dead. I’m sorry,” she said as she explained that Rayna … Read more

Lori McKenna Performed “Humble & Kind” for Stephen Colbert and He Probably Cried

Lori McKenna loves Tim McGraw’s version of “Humble & Kind.” Most people love Tim’s version and he did a fantastic job on it, worthy of the accolades he was nominated for, but– there’s just something about Lori singing it. Maybe it’s because she wrote it by herself as a note and a prayer to her … Read more

Brett Eldredge Should Not Be Allowed to Babysit Small Children

Right now, Brett Eldredge is pretty focused on the things he’s not good at. It’s one of those reverse psychology plays, so we can all focus on what he is good at– looking good, singing good and making us smile. His new single, “Something I’m Good At” is all about capturing Brett’s unique and fun … Read more

Ed Sheeran Played “Shape of You” with Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and a Banana Shaker

Ed Sheeran is a talented guy. So talented that he can take a shaker, shaped like a banana and play his current hit single, “Shape of You.” Sheeran was flanked by school instrument professional, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, but obviously that banana shaker really stood out. I would assume that Sheeran is probably considering … Read more

14-Year-Old Wows Blake Shelton on “The Voice” with Keith Urban Classic

Brennley Brown is so young that “The Voice” has been on TV most of her life. While most of us grew up while watching Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood on “American Idol,” Brown has been longing for Starbucks-infused red chairs to turn for her on a Monday or Tuesday night. Brown hails from California and … Read more