Tim McGraw’s Sweet Nephew May Not Have Gotten Those Silky Smooth Vocal Stylings

You know how somewhere in the world there’s always an episode of “Law & Order” on? Like, always. The same goes for Tim McGraw and country radio. During every second of the day, somewhere in the world a country music radio station is playing a Tim tune. It’s just science. It also explains why people … Read more

Dude Perfect Hits the Range With Some Seriously Impressive Trick Shots

I’m not sure what your were planning on for your next bachelor party or bro-weekend, but you will want to change your plans. The fellas over at Dude Perfect are living the bro-hang dream by getting paid to mess around with their buddies. They recently took their skills–mad skills– to the range, making some seriously … Read more

Faith Hill Sang “Mississippi Girl” With a Tiny Fan and We Cried

Faith Hill may have met her match. During her Soul II Soul tour stop, the songstress met Rosie, who she called a fellow “Mississippi Girl.” The backstory here is that Faith somehow got a video of little Rosie singing her songs. So, when the tiny fan entered the meet-and-greet, Faith treated her like she was … Read more

Chris Pratt Can’t Eat These Doritos With His Face on Them and It’s the Saddest Thing

If you’ve been following along, you know that actor, father and all around hunk Chris Pratt has started a following on his Instagram page. It started as a joke but has now actually turned into a feature that I look forward to every week. “What’s My Snack?” is Pratt’s way of sharing his completely absurd … Read more

Real National Treasure: An Astronaut’s Map that Could Be Worth Billions

In 1963, Gordon Cooper strapped himself to a ballistic missile and was launched into orbit. His mission was to find potential sites for missile silos, but he found found something else: sunken treasure that could be worth billions. Cooper, one of the original astronauts, wrote down coordinates for what he thought could be shipwrecks while … Read more

6 Practical Tips for Starting and Caring for a Kitchen Herb Garden

So, you’re wanting to start an herb garden? It’s not hard, but looking at Pinterest may tell you otherwise. In fact, some of the “cutest” ideas online will quickly kill your garden by creating root rot, keeping the plants out of the sun, or are incapable of producing enough actual material to cook with. You … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Scared the Bejesus Out of Olympian Simone Biles

Olympians are not like the rest of us. They have unbelievable determination, focus and drive towards a singular goal that people only care about every 4 years. A few of those athletes become American heroes for the games, achieve international fame overnight, only to fall immediately back into obscurity. Simone Biles is an exception; she … Read more

This Video of Senior Citizens Sharing Their Sex Secrets is Hilarious and Disturbing All at Once

Apparently, a new study says that senior citizen are having more sex now than ever before. So, Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets to confirm and learn their secrets. I’m personally a little weirded out by old people and sex, so watching this was slightly uncomfortable. However, the video is lined with some great … Read more

Thomas Rhett Received a Precious Gift From His Father After His ACM Wins

When music is in your blood, the milestones are marked in a unique way. Thomas Rhett‘s career is definitely on an upswing and his father singer-songwriter Rhett Akins found the perfect way to commemorate his achievements. “What do you get your son who just won ACM Song of the Year and Male Vocalist?” Akins posted … Read more

Lee Brice Bonds With His Unborn Daughter in This Clip of His Wife Sara’s Pregnant Belly

Pregnancy is amazing. Lee Brice shared this intimate video of his unborn daughter reacting to his touch from the womb, backed with his good friend, Jerrod Niemann’s new single “God Made a Woman.” Lee and his wife Sara — who already have two boys three-year-old Ryker and eight-year-old Takoda — can be heard in the … Read more

Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon Sang Classic Hits With Google Translated Lyrics and We Can’t Stop Laughing

English is a difficult language. Even native English speakers have to take English until they are in high school. But if there is one thing more difficult for Americans than their own language, it’s someone else’s. Google knows this and created a simple 1-to-1 translator to help everyone communicate quickly. Thanks Google! Kind of. The … Read more

Stephanie Rice’s Performance of “Every Breath You Take” on “The Voice” Didn’t Suck

Stephanie Rice‘s performance of the Police hit, “Every Breath You Take” during the live playoffs on “The Voice” was not perfect. But, the imperfections made it even more authentic and real. Now a part of Alicia Keys’ team, we saw Stephanie behind the piano, immediately making this tune different from the one we all know … Read more