Kelly Clarkson Has an Epic Harry Potter Themed Birthday on That Surprise “Girls Trip”

Remember that super precious video from earlier in the week when Kelly Clarkson learned that she was going on a girls trip for her birthday? Now, we’ve got pictures and I have to say that I’m extremely jealous. In the video, once Kelly realizes that she’s going on a girls trip, but is told that … Read more

Kane Brown Announces Engagement to Fans During a Live Performance

Congrats to Kane Brown on his engagement to singer Katelyn Jae! The singer told the fans during a recent performance, after getting some heat for posting the news online. “Some people found out on Instagram today and I had to delete this video,” he said. “I just got engaged to a girl from Philadelphia … Read more

Hear Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s New Tune “Break First”

Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill are currently in the midst of their highly anticipated Soul 2 Soul tour. While they have a slew of duets to choose from in their catalogues, the pair are treating fans to some new music as well. The pair have been performing a new tune, “Break First,” during their … Read more

[Recipe] Delicious Simple Mug Brownie

I believe that everything tastes better out of a mug–milk and cookies, tea–everything. I also love brownies, but fixing a whole pan for myself is overkill and creates a lot of clean-up. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have just one large brownie in a mug? Of course it would! I could eat my … Read more

Miranda Lambert Gets Completely Starstruck Around Faith Hill

Just because Miranda Lambert is a superstar doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still get starstruck. “Every time I’m around Faith Hill, I turn into a complete idiot,” she told Bobby Bones. “I don’t know why. It’s just Faith Hill. She’s just so pretty and she’s so awesome.” She even had a moment at this year’s … Read more

“Dancing With the Stars” Pair Eliminated After Earning a Perfect Score And People Ain’t Happy

Last night was shocking. I don’t say that to be extreme, merely as a fact. There were good dances, weak dances, and outright gorgeous performances. But the teams with lower scores were rewarded for mediocrity. A couple danced an objectively perfect rhumba and went home. Heather and Mak’s performance was graceful, elegant, and passionate. It … Read more

Former “Bachelor” Chris Soules Arrested After Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident

Former star of “The Bachelor” and part-time farmer Chris Soules is currently in custody after fleeing the scene of a fatal accident. According to records, Soules was driving a Chevrolet pickup when he rear-ended a John Deere tractor, sending it and the driver into a ditch. The driver was taken to the hospital, where he … Read more

RaeLynn Misses Her Husband and is Sharing the Sweetest Posts While He’s at Basic Training

On Feb. 13, 2017, RaeLynn said goodbye to her husband Josh Davis as he headed off to basic training. Over the past 9 weeks, she’s missed spending time with him and even talking to him, so she’s been posting the sweetest messages on social media. With four days to go, RaeLynn posted this sweet image … Read more

New Music is on the Way From Sara Evans as She Launches Her Own Record Label

New music is on the way from Sara Evans! The songstress will release a new album this summer on her very own Born to Fly Records. The new label is named for her chart-topping, double-platinum single. “I’m extremely excited to be launching this venture and I love that the label is ‘Born To Fly.’ I … Read more

Miranda Lambert Uses a Prehistoric Code Name When She Orders at Starbucks

Every time I tried to order at Starbucks, I’m given a name that kind of sounds like my own. The best one? Haren. ‘Cause that’s a name. Miranda Lambert has another approach to the infamous coffee dealer. She uses a code name, to avoid the whole “Oh, it’s Miranda Lambert” scenario. “It used to be … Read more

J. Lo Danced the Last Dance with Derek Hough on “The Ellen Show” and It Was Pretty Amazing

Jennifer Lopez, attempting to be busier than Ryan Seacrest is about to launch her new show, “World of Dance.” Because, you know, before she was an actress and pop star, she was a dancer. To prove just how great of a dancer she is, the Fly Girl took to “The Ellen Show” with the world’s … Read more