Just Photos of Jake Owen, Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley Hanging Out With Peyton Manning

We don’t know exactly where these guys are or what brought them together. All we know is that is somewhere in the mountains Peyton Manning is sitting around listening to Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan and Jake Owen jam. This means, Manning has now shared the stage with all three guys and now, likely a cabin … Read more

Jason Aldean Hopes His Baby Boy Is a Baseball Player (And a Lefty)

Baby number three is on the way for Jason Aldean and he couldn’t be more excited. The singer and his wife Brittany — as well as his daughters Keeley and Kendyl — are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the family’s first boy.

“I love kids. I love being a dad,” Jason told One Country. “My two daughters, I do stuff with them that I’d do with a boy, take them hunting and fishing. I don’t imagine it’s going to be any different.”

However, he does hope his son follows his footsteps when it comes to American’s favorite pastime.

“Hopefully he’s a baseball player and I can put a batting cage in the backyard,” Jason said. “Maybe he’s a lefty. That’d be great. Put a pitcher’s mound out in the yard. Go and buy me some catcher’s gear.”

Of course, his uniform will be what’s up for debate, with Daddy being a Georgia fan and Mama having graduated from Alabama.

Baby Hubbard Already Has a ‘Sick Denim’ Jacket From Uncle Brian Kelley

Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard is going to have one stylish kid. Thanks in large part to his duo partner Brian Kelley.

Baby Hubbard isn’t due for a few more months, but Uncle Brian has already started seeking out some awesome vintage pieces for her.

“Baby’s got a sick little denim piece. Baby covered,” Brian told One Country.

Yep, Brian found a baby sized vintaged denim jacket in his fashion search. How very cool. Their friends — like Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean — who are also prepping for new additions may also be on the receiving end of Brian’s kindness.

“That’s actually our next endeavor, BK and I are going to start a day care service … mobile,” Tyler joked.

“We’ll get the babies on the tour bus and our dogs will take care of them and feed them,” Brian added. “We’ve got our dogs trained so well.”

In all seriousness, the duo is looking forward to adding a new, tiny member.

“Hayley is now over the sickness and her energy is back,” Tyler said.” For both of us that’s amazing. That’s a lot of fun. We enjoying being excited and getting the baby room ready, although we haven’t started that yet. We’re mentally getting it read”


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