Channing Tatum Started A Sexy Dance Party In A Gas Station With a Lady Named Beatrice

Channing Tatum is currently promoting his upcoming movie “Logan Lucky” with a grassroots campaign, traveling from town to town meeting real Americans, swimming in rivers, riding dirt bikes, and driving 18 wheelers. It’s the most normal you will ever see a movie star behaving. One of the highlights came when Tatum stopped in a Sunco … Read more

Jason Aldean Promises New Music Is The Way Very Soon

It hasn’t even been a year since Jason Aldean released They Don’t Know, but he is back in the studio recording new music. Some musicians love to record, some love to tour, Aldean seems to love both. He released seven albums in eleven years and is about to finish recording number eight. Add to that … Read more

Jason Isbell Released An Animated Music Video For “If We Were Vampires”

Jason Isbell’s simple yet haunting love song “If We Were Vampires” finds a tonal match with it’s animated music video featuring a pair of vampires running from the dawn. The bittersweet tune walks through Isbell’s realization that the brevity of life is what makes it and love so sweet. In fact, it creates and earnestness … Read more

Sorry Everyone, There May Be More “Hunger Games” And “Twilight” Movies On The Way

One of the most profoundly underrated qualities in life is knowing when to quit, and I don’t mean giving up. All good things must come to an end and it is an incredible shame when a good thing becomes old and tired. For example, “The Office” was an incredible show that got old promptly after … Read more

Here’s What Happens When You’re a Baby and Your Dad Guest Stars on “Sesame Street”

Last fall, John Legend was a guest star on “Sesame Street.” At the time, his daughter, Luna, was sick and couldn’t go to the set with him to meet the legendary puppets. Naturally, John filmed a video of himself and the SS gang saying hello to Luna. View this post on Instagram One day Luna … Read more

Brittany Aldean’s Baby Bump is Cuter Than Ever

Brittany Kerr Aldean’s pregnancy glow is back in full-force on Instagram with her latest super cute bikini shot. Brittany isn’t due until December and she recently shared with fans that she hasn’t had much morning sickness, she’s tired, and Baby Boy Aldean is already measuring on the bigger side. But, nothing looks big from here! … Read more

Taylor Swift Detailed Groping Incident to Jury– “He Had a Handful of My Ass”

Taylor Swift took the stand in federal court to tell jurors exactly what happened during a meet-and-greet in 2013 between her and DJ David Mueller. This was the first time for the superstar to take the stand in the trial over whether Mueller groped her while posing for a photo. Swift testified that it was … Read more

Varys Joins Seth Meyers And With Leslie Jones “Game of Thrones” Hilarious Watch Party

I don’t care who you are, you do not love “Game of Thrones” half as much as “Saturday Night Live” cast member Leslie Jones. Jones is that one friend we all have who is super obsessed with GoT who has read the books, lays out maps before every episode, and has a spreadsheet of fan … Read more

10 Common Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Being a well-groomed man is as much about avoiding tragic mistakes as it is performing small, tidying rituals. No matter how carefully you shave or how expertly you style your hair, if your fingernails look like bear claws, you’re really no better off. Below are a few of the most common grooming mistakes that men … Read more

Keith Urban Explaining Guitar Techniques to Regular People is Kind of Like Rocket Science

I’m willing to say this about myself on the Internet– I’m not a total idiot, which means I’m kind of smart. I’m somewhat musically inclined in the sense that I was in band for a number of years, took piano lessons and really like music. In college, I attempted to teach myself how to play … Read more